Tuesday, December 05, 2006

fit as a fiddle

my abang dadam had something called a "febrile fit" on friday, which sounded reaaally scary. he'd been feeling feverish on and off lately, but i guess his temperature spiked up suddenly that evening while his mummy was sponging him, then his eyes rolled upwards and his body made jerky movements. brrr.... :(

so we all went to visit abang dadam at the hospital. seems quite fun, this hospital place, i don't know why he kept saying "dadam nak balik". look at that funky curtain! mummy was tempted to steal it and bring it home to put up at my new playroom. my mummy ah, closet kleptomaniac, i tell you.

"saaayang... saaayang.."

his cot bed though, i didn't like so much. reminds me of that show i always watch on thursday nights, Prison Break. do you watch that? mummy likes it coz of that skinny bald guy with lotsa tattoos. my mummy ah, closet nymphomaniac, i tell you.

abang dadam didn't seem so sick leh. he was yakking away as usual, telling us about the cool "ambulance" he rode on, and how "cold" he felt. mak long said that he was asking the nurse for something, and then said to himself, "cerewetnye aku". HA HA! he is such a mak nenek. i must learn from him.

did i tell you abang dadam is OBSESSED with shopping centers? he kept wanting to follow my mummy go to a shopping center, but you wanna know a secret? he's scared of "mannequins"! HA HA! he'll cover his face when he passes by a mannequin, while saying "mannequin! TAKUT!" he is so weird. i must learn from him.

"chak! lerr abang dadam ni, weaks betol lah, takut ngan patung plak..."

daddy brought me to the hospital's "play area", which, according to my mak long, is pathetic. i concur. but i'm not one to complain. i like this beaded maze thingy vair muchly, so much that i *think* someone's getting it for me sooon. eh, how did i get hold of such classified info ah?? i must be psychic. heh. ;p

"good for fine motor skills, mum? whatever! i just wanna godeh godeh the thing."

i think he'll be fine and fit as a fiddle, my abang dadam. wrestling sessions will resume... soon. :D

"goody! he'll be too weak to beat me up during recovery, hur hur..."

ps: just heard that my brudder naufal is in hospital for stomach flu too. oh no! get well soon, brudder! you gotta make it to you-know-what this weekend, ok?


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