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December 11, 2005

hello world!

Syukur alhamdullilah, Izad Jr came out safely at 3:45am, 10 Dec 2005. With a healthy weight of 3.07kg and length of 51.5cm, I can imagine him growing ever so tall!!

I'm really proud of my wife for being so calm and composed throughout the experience. Other than the usual screaming of pain and her constant deep synchronized heavy breathing, she was really amazing. None of the horror stories of the wife biting the husband's hand seemed to materialize. :)

Her water bag burst at around 3:10am, but just before 3am, she was very sure that the baby was coming out. She had this feeling like she needed to pass motion. The midwife called up our gynae at around 3:05am. But just after her bag burst, she felt that izad jr was pushing to get out. So for that 30 minutes, from 3 - 3:30am, my wife was battling to keep the baby in, yep, you heard it right, not out. It was all so tense during the period, the midwives (there were 2 of of them) moving in and out of the room, waiting for the gynae to arrive.

Well finally, our prayers were answered when the doctor arrived around 3:40am. When he took over, and told my wife to part her legs, I could see the baby's head right up the opening!! Well, the little one was really impatient to get out of his mother's womb and into the world!

Not suprisingly, the gynae took less than 5 minutes to get the baby out, it was really fuss free, alhamdullilah, no complication, whatsoever!!

i will let her tell you her side of the story next... :)

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