Saturday, December 09, 2006

rewind: contractions and coconuts

December 09, 2005

contractions and coconuts

mum came over around noon, still worried. showed her the blood, which she's never seen before in pregnancies. her own pregnancies went by uneventfully, she said.

meanwhile, the contractions HAVE begun. i think. from early this morning, even before izad has woken up for work.

what do they feel like?

exactly like menstrual cramps, or segugut, just like the doc, mum, and everybody else has described it. how amazing that this biological phenomenon is so... universal.

it comes like an intense, sharp cramp at the lower part of the abdomen and around the back of the waist... then passes by, fading away.

my last recorded time sequence:

2.12 pm
2.20 pm
2.31 pm
2.42 pm
2.52 pm
3.01 pm
3.12 pm
3.20 pm
3.38 pm
3.49 pm

so... that's an average of ten minutes apart, yes?

i'm just waiting it out. it's pretty bearable for now. don't want to be staying at the hospital too early.

meanwhile, he bought me something to drink. "they" say it's for the baby to come out cleaner, or with lesser vernix, the waxy white substance that covers a baby's skin at birth.

macam-macam air saya minum.

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