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rewind: arrival of... Kid A

December 12, 2005

arrival of... Kid A


we're back!

all THREE of us. :)

first of all, thank you to EVERYONE for your words of encouragement, well wishes and do'as. they mean a LOT to us, coz... we survived!

shall i slowly recap what happened since my last ten-minutes-apart contraction entry?


so around 8.40pm, i was pret-ty sure my contractions had shrunk to exactly 5 minutes apart, in a very constant pattern. called the doctor, who said we could proceed to the hospital. hokay! time for some action, finally! :D

we took our time finishing up our KFC meal (yes baby, you last had chicken) and had a quick bath.

grabbed our bag and took a final picture before leaving the house. haha.

all freshed up!

very bedek, right, 5mins contraction can still smile. tsk.

got to the hospital at almost 10pm, the nurse knew whose patient i was, and we were promptly led to the delivery suite, where i got changed, peed (a FULL cup when i'd just gone at home), and got myself strapped to a strange contraption.

and the baby's heartbeat came out of this machine like a thundering racehorse, in surround sound no less!

it went "GEDUB! GEDUB! GEDUB!" but in a watery way. (till the next day, i could still hear this sound reverberating in my head, since it was strapped on me till labour.)

baby's heartbeat was good. and hey the machine also could tell when i was having contractions, and i was right, they were 5 mins apart.

let me tell you about this doppler monitor. it's not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world when you're lying on your back with a huge tummy which is squirming around and hardens every now and then. gah.

so then it was enema time.

a bit of a squirt up my rear, and ten minutes later, phew! great stuff if you're having constipation, i tell ya.

from there, it was mostly just... waiting.

and waiting...

oh i forgot to mention about my Fingering Session which finally happened. unfortunately, it was done by one of the midwives, lol! when i came into the delivery suite, she wiggled about her fingers inside me and announced that i was already 5 - 6cm dilated, which was halfway through the process. i was 9cm within the next few hours. (and i suppose fully dilated by the time my water broke.)

i guess all that waiting out at home and walking around helped.

back to the contractions, did i mention they keep getting more intense?

unfortunately, izad didn't take any pics of my face in various states of grimace. (because he was sleeping and i was grimacing. in silence. heh.)

at around 2+am, after i'd given up reading and watching crappy tv, the nurse asked if felt like passing motion. i wasn't sure how to answer her, coz i thought i HAD passed motion. BUT, it was not soon after when i DID feel like i had to pass motion, and nodded when she asked.

she made me put on the gas mask during one of my contractions, and ok heck, let's try it. but WHOAAA NELLY! that thing is EVIL STUFF! coz it made my head berserk and giddy and full of oxygen and made my breathing out of whack, so i said nooo, don't want it, please.

and i *think* it was during one of my delirious states that we heard a sudden loud POP and water splashed out of me onto my socks and probably the walls and the midwives.

my waterbag had burst. ahh, so THAT's how it's like. hehe.

so from then onwards, the URGE to push got reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally strong, but the damned midwives (they were really very nice, really) kept saying, "don't push ahhh... don't push ahh... nurhana pandai.... very good...." because - the doctor had not arrived yet. gah!

of course, in my delirious state (by now i'd put on the gas mask as a means of distraction from the pain from the contractions, as well as deviced my own very effective breathing technique - breathe IN DEEEEP.... wail OUT LOUUUUUDDD) i was thinking "kepala hotak berdengung lah, macam mana tak push siak, peduli apa, PUSHHHHHHHHHH AJER LAHHH!!!"

the labour contractions. ahh. *chuckle*

they are very very intense when they come, but once the wave is over, you temporarily forget it coz it's such a relief... until the next one comes. kinda like a Very Bad Constipation.

soooo, when the doctor finally made his VIP appearance, the baby was already crowning (according to izad who witnessed everything from the other side). he took one look, told me to open up my legs wide, snipped my perineum just as i was having one of that WAIL OUT LOUD AND PUSHHHHHH moment, and the next thing i knew, i felt a huge solid thing tumbling out of me. in malay, i would describe it as "terburai keluar".

can i say that was one HUGE relief? :D

everything happened so fast, my legs weren't even strapped up (coz i was told to keep the baby in, remember hehe), and the doc cut off the umbilical cord before izad could. i think he forgot lah. even his hair had the dishevelled look of one who'd just woken up from sleep. ceh.

so the baby cried and izad was laughing, more in amusement than joy i think, because the baby had peed right there where he'd just come out. so THAT's why he wanted to come out so quickly, he had to go to the loo! talk about the call of nature!

i bit my nail, watching in amazement as the nurses fiddled about with him at the weighing machine, at that little person that had just come out of me. i also looked down in amazement at the tummy that used to be full to the brim, now floppy and flabby.

then i got to meet him.


meanwhile, the doc was fiddling about with me too. down there. he was waiting for the placenta to come out, and it fell out promptly with a plop.

the nurse had jabbed my left leg with painkiller that made it wobbly, the doc jabbed my nether region twice before stitching me up.

it was only much later that i discovered he'd snipped a straight line and given me ONE stitch. no wonder i could pee right after.

baby was given an apgar score of 10, and given to me to feed. a VERY short suckle, coz i still had nothing coming out of me.

izad said he came out clean, no sticky white stuff on his body, just a bit of blood on his hair. and MY OH MY, we were all shocked at that shock of hair. this was no VBB (Very Bald Baby)! it was a VHB (Very Hairy Baby)!


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