Friday, February 09, 2007

lunch hour

begone, beruang feet!

hello, happy feet!

note: for mani-pedi sessions, always bring a trusted assistant to help retrieve your wallet out of your bag and other nail-damaging tasks.

note II: 'chocolate mousse' is now officially my favourite colour.

it's hard finding time to myself since the boy came along. you know, to do girly things like this. pampering myself has been out of my priority list the moment he popped out of me. (and don't get me started on finding time to go on a date with the Harsbern alone. fergeddit!)

i finally found myself free for a lunch hour while on course in the vicinity of holland v (gawd i luv that place). ever since i've reduced my BM-pumping sessions, i find myself with precious 'me' time to go for longer lunches, shopping, errand-running, hair-cutting (teehee), or just go for a drive to get away from the office. (oops, sorry Harsbern, i know petrol very expensive.)

anyway, the last i had my feet properly scrubbed, buffed and prettified was... err, is' wedding, let's see, hmm... march 05?? (and if you calculate THAT forward nine months later, you know what happened. hehe.)

so, almost two years later and two babies between is and me, here i am again.

eh. which is not to say that nine months from now, something else will happen again, okaay!


oh, which reminds me. gotta start going for those waxing sessions again.

brazilian lunch, anyone?

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