Saturday, February 03, 2007

XY factor

we welcomed yet another boy in the jumari family. the fifth great-grandson to date.

to add to the already too-long line of grandsons. i lost count, but it's something like five girls to thirteen boys or something.

we're waiting for someone to break the trend and give us a girl.

oi, don't look at me!

i may be the first girl grandchild in the jumari clan, but the chances of izad giving me an X chromosome is quite slim lah. he's got many boys in his genes. (and many 'boys' in his jeans? heh.) :D

speaking of boys, we popped by two floors down to see this lil dear.

get well soon, bub! i hope you don't give your mummy any more frights like that. :x

and as for this boy, at the hospital also can find chicks.


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