Sunday, January 21, 2007

caught with his pants down

i hadn't seen dadam for a while, so when i did on friday, i patted his bum, and to my surprise, my hand did not meet with the familiar impact of a puffy diaper.

"eh! where's your pampers?"

he grinned and promptly pulled down his pants.

"dadam nak kencing! aunty nana cebokkan!"

and my eyes promptly grew wide like saucers.


thankfully, i managed to escape from THAT. i'll cross the bridge when i reach it with aniq.

i'm glad he's trailblazing the way to aniq's own toilet-training in months to come. if we follow dadam's schedule, it'll be in exactly a year's time. *gulp*

oh, and he puts on his own pants after that too. how can i not be proud of the lil guy?

i hope aniq will quickly learn to say "nak berak/kencing/makan/tidur!" too. senang sikit. (though his squatting down and patting his tummy while doing the do is a pretty good system for now, hehe.)

dadam's also started going to a daily playgroup for a few hours in the morning, and as soon as either his oma or his dad slips away, the waterworks begin! we call it, The Crying Game. i hear that the wailings can be heard all the way from one end of tampines to another. :D

when i ask him in our teleconversations (coz he's always the first to pick up the phone when i call home) how school was, he'd tell me, "dadam nangis!" mengaku pun.

his mum and dad are hoping he'd learn to socialise better with his peers. for a long time, he's been the center of attention, and with the arrival of his younger cousin, he's had to adjust to sharing the limelight with him.

he still shoves and snatches and pulls and shouts at the lil fella, though the latter is pretty hardy and ignores him or at most, pulls away or fights back, hehe.

sometimes, he's all lovey-dovey and kisses him, and retrieves whatever the little one throws on the floor. tapi tu bila mood baik lah, ie. depan mak bapak dia. lol!

"oh, whatever..."

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