Friday, January 05, 2007

last hurrah

the Zombie Mummy is now back to Human mode after three excruciating days of work at the Zombie Office. she's still recovering from the shock of having to go back to work after that nice long holiday.

the night before she transformed into the Zombie, though, she did manage to have a bit of a last hurrah thing with some friends who were also to turn into Zombies the next morning.

the boys too had a last late night out to mark the end of the holidays. sigh. so clueless they are.

did i tell you he didn't want anything to do with the milk bottle for the five straight days he was home with me over the hols? wuaahuahaa. manja eh kau. see your brudder rayhan, so nice and chubby. next to him, your biceps also fail lah bo-boy.

but when i'm back at work and the old routine of staying at his oma's in the day resumed, he finished up all his milk, in the bottle no less.

hmph. (another reason why i shouldn't be a sahm - my boobs will sag like a nenek with ten children in no time.)

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