Sunday, December 31, 2006


we finally got off our big fat lazy bums and started on that project.

i surprised myself, and even more, the Hausbern, by painting a good part of the room. (and showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder.)

he said i could quit my day job.

he suggested that i start a business, like those girls in bikinis washing cars, but instead i'd be painting houses.

he gave me a pat on the back and took evidence of me getting down and dirty.

he said tak sia-sia kawin dengan bini pandai cat rumah. hurhur.

yeah i'm afraid we're not adventurous AT ALL when it comes to interior decorating and chose a very safe (and boring) wall colour for a playroom - some lemon yellow thingy.

i KNOW! it looks almost the same as the other rooms in the house, right? ha ha! (this room, btw, used to be mocha-coloured, too dark for a playroom.)

we figured, wellll, there'll be sooo many gaudy toys filling it aaaanyway, so let's not over-stimulate the fella with something too bright. and we didn't want a room that stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of the house.

erm. ok ok, bad excuse. we're just really not bold or imaginative enough. :p

the lil bub was deposited at his oma's so we could paint in peace. you can imagine the chaos if he'd been around. he'd be splashing in the paint and doing some body art of his own, i can tell you that.

being the amateurs that we are, we took a whole blahdy day and i think, four coats of paint (?) to finish up this tiny room.

tangan cramp, beb. sayang anak punye pasal. hrmph.

our work being done, a lil celebratory drink was due.


"ouhh yeah, stuff your twenty-cent coins in my pants please..."

ps: his takings of twenty-cent coins were spent at the pekak-nak-mampos kiddy rides near our table.

we've now taken to using objects to physically shield from his vision any kiddy rides along our path. but, um, usually he's the first to spot them from a mile away. pantang tengok tu benda. apa yang best sangat? macam lah tak pernah naik kereta.

maybe we should find one of those things and install it in his playroom.

dua posen mari!

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