Tuesday, December 19, 2006


betol cakap, dah lama tak buat kerja ni macam.

alah, kerja bimbo. mengshopping, memakan, mengomel.


maklumlah, bloggers lah katakan. kita kan takde life.

benci, kan? ;p

on another note, doncha just hate it when you finally have TWO.POINT.TWO and then go out with the sole intention to lepaskan geram and then find absolutely NOTHING you fancy? grr arrgh.

but... i guess that's a good thing. seb sikit.

eh aniq eh?

ouhh i think he's got something to say next.

(blogging ni kan, boleh jadi schizo tau.)


hola unkles and aunties!

i wanna tell you about how i managed to weasel my way into tagging along with mum to town when she initially intended to leave me behind under daddy's care. she wanted something she called a Berfeeling Single Day Out with her kun - i mean, friends, and to loosen her purse strings on what she calls Mummy's Stuff.

like, HAH! fat chance, hunny.

with my Care Bear powers, i made daddy drag me along and after he dropped mum off, he took me around to some shops. barely twenty minutes later, daddy called mum and got her to meet him for a while with the reason that the stroller couldn't fit into the shop he wanted to enter. ha ha! daddy, you also another weasel ah.

after daddy got his Daddy's Stuff, we were reunited again. i think i distracted the aunties from their ramen and sushi for a bit with my, ahem, charm. hurhur.

ouhh, after some of the aunties left, i met unkle poji. you know, as in joji poji pudding and pie?

when i grow up, i wanna have a dimple just like his.

wait... lemme try...

unty pina said i dun stand a chance. why youuu.... *&$@%


ahem. bygones. i lup you still, unty pina. i shall keep striving for that deep, deep dimper so that many girls will fall at my feet, muaaahaaha~ (eh, girls falling at my feet sounds scary, actually. wait everytime must perform CPR, how...)

anyway, i had a ball distracting mum from her two.point.two expedition, touching every item in every store, running around the many people's legs in the crowd, gawking at the many twinkly lights above...

and since i like orchard road SO much, i think i may just be born to shop. (so mum, gimme that teeshirt you're holding!)

by the way, mum says she'll *try* to bring me somewhere more "consumer-free" next time. hmm, in-te-res-ting...


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