Friday, December 15, 2006

feeding frenzy

oh yes. since i'd already uploaded these, i might as well mention it here.

as you know, he spends a big part of the day at his oma's, where he gets all his daily meals. and you know how it is with grandmas/helpers, they'd much rather plonk the kids in front of the tv and spoon-feed them than sit them at the table to eat together. simply because, according to them, it's the only way to keep them still and not make a big mess.

so every chance i get, i'd sit him with us while we eat, sans tv, so he'll see how we behave at the table and let him make that big mess, be it with a small spoon or his bare hands. coz well, it's the only way he'll ever learn to eat properly and independently, no?

it's easier when we're outside, coz heh, we don't have to clean up afterwards! :p

whipped potato is easy. it sticks to the spoon, so he can't exactly fling it around ha ha. it's fun you know, watching him scoop the food up and aim it right into his mouth, in imitation of us. i don't think self-feeding is that easy a skill to learn for a child. even dadam who's two still has a bit of a problem with it.

these days when we eat out, my choice of food is very much dependent on what is suitable for him to try. like this plain tomato pasta at fish & co we had on my b'day. it keeps him VERY busy while we eat in peace. (of course, 70% of it was probably squished to death and ended up on his lap and floor than in his mouth, hurhur.)

another thing that's easy for him and us - plain rice. just plop a few scoops in front of him and he'll happily smear it all over his mouth, savouring the taste of each grain. (again, 70% ending up squished to death and on his lap/floor. but he has finger-lickin' good fun!)

in short, he likes eating (and making a big mess), so this self-feeding thing will be an on-going process which will, as all other things, test my patience and sanity.

wish me luck. :D

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