Wednesday, December 13, 2006

boys' toys 101

the next few posts will be about the little one's adventures with the various toys we're opening bit by bit (so he won't get bored with everything at the same time mahh).

we'll try to stretch them for hmm, a year, maybe? though at the rate we're going, they'll probably last a few weeks, at most!

oh, these would also be 'helpful' for those wondering what to get for little boys on their first birthdays, hurhur.

so, after the drums and xylophone-from-unknown-source, we tried out one of the mega many mega bloks. easy enough.

now, should i be a musician or an architect? hmm... so much to contemplate, us toddlers.

not long after, he proceeded to fling them all over the house.

mega mess.

we may just live on a house made of mega bloks by the time he's through with his entire collection. :D

then we broke out the bead mazes, one of which we placed at mum's.

but as you can see, the box apparently holds more interest to him than the actual toy. ARRGGHH!!

ouhh, this toy is great!

then we brought out the fire engine. nee noh nee noh nee noh...

where's the fire hose, daddy?

he fiddled with the many buttons on it, but twasn't easy to keep the hat on him. (pina, looks like he's not cut out to be one of the hunky SCDF boys in uniform that hang around you all day long after all, LOL!)

my head's on fire! geddit off me!

soon, he went back to his USUAL toy with many buttons to fiddle with - the remote control. grrrr.

ok. i give up.

but fret not, aunties/uncles! he DOES enjoy them ok. just... in different ways. he IS a child after all, and they have a whole different perspective from us adults when it comes to playing.

... though, i think he's somewhat musically-inclined you know, coz we broke out yet another toy this evening, and he banged away at it quite keenly.

i'll upload the 'music video' tomorrow.

i say, watch out chris martin, you got a rival baby....

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