Monday, December 18, 2006

happy feet

not only does he 'gostan' on demand (at times hitting the wall behind him, kes tak check blind spot, hehe), his latest thing now is to jump.

well.... he gets the concept of springing his body upwards, but he hasn't exactly lifted himself off the ground. i was happily jumping around like a monkey on fire one day to demonstrate, and he too excitedly tried it out like a baby monkey on fire. so now my mum also goes jumping around the house to get him to do the same.

yet another circus act to add to the list.

if you watch closely, he even does a little jig with his feet. eh, that one i didn't teach him leh. i suspect it's all that barney or some cheesy kids' karaoke thingy he's been watching on vcd, where the children are seen doing all kinds of dance/exercise movements while singing.

monkey see, monkey do. indeed.

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