Saturday, December 23, 2006


the tenth of december is a very auspicious day, you know.

last year, i was born.

exactly a year later, my latest cousin was born. wow, maybe next year we can celebrate our birthdays together! what say you, newbie?

ouhh, he's a baby A too. anaqy, i think, that's what they're calling him. he has his mummy's features, and his daddy's complexion. (further proof to mum's theory that baby boys tend to look more like their mothers. then again, my mummy ni pandai-pandai only...)

also, on the day i was born last year, this aunty got married.

my, what a big balloon you have there, aunty!

needless to say, mum and dad couldn't make it to their wedding though i think it'd have been a REALLY grand entrance for me if they did, ha ha.

i dunno why, but unkle nazir has been calling himself my 'bapak mertua' for a while now. is it something like 'burung kakaktua', maybe?

pic taken by unkle nazir's huge-ass cam... eh, why am i always pictured sweaty and nekkid ah??

well, that balloon under the aunty's dress popped, so we went to visit baby marsya.

assalamualaikumm, boleh masok tak?

ouhh, aunty rairai came along to see the baby too. she ah, crazy about babies one. she ah, cannot see babies, sure romos one. i think she needs some form of rehab...

mummy (and apparently aunty rai) was taken by the nice painting in baby marsya's room. look! so pweeety.

ok lah aunty, you ALSO pweety ok? hurhur.

then, they took out their OTHER baby. now THIS one i like! (coz human babies are sooo for aunties, and not for toddlers like me.)

come hereee... no no, i'm not The Cat Terroriser.. really....

so big hor? i bet if aunty ayu was there, she'd jump up on the sofa and become hysterical. (but not in a tom cruise kind of way lar, hehee.)

and here's something else i like... somebody feeding me ACTUAL food for a change!


tsk tsk. unkle azim, you are so notty.

why you never give me more??

so (since i'm REALLY sleepy now) that concludes my story.

till the next tenth december... who'll be born then, i wonder?

(err, mummy, why are you staring at aunty rai and unkle azim like that...?)

slot in some coins please...


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