Thursday, December 21, 2006


dear aniq,

before the magical month of december ends and you grow any older, let me recap what went on at your first birthday party.

we hope that in time to come, you'll see these pictures and hear the stories so often that you'll always have fond memories of it, even if you can't actually recall anything from that day. :)

there was you, the birthday boy, all sweaty within minutes of running around.

there was the pinata, a plane, chock-filled with enough chocs and candies to cause a pandemic sugar rush among the children present.

there was the inflatable pit, full of colorful plastic balls that flew and hit many unsuspecting victims, children and adults alike (yours truly included). the mountain of megabloks were added ammunition.

the bouncy castle, that brought joy to your many insuppressible cousins and other friends.

there were cakes, none of which you got to taste (ha ha).

there were also all that food that mysteriously went unphotographed. but i believe the potato salad and the satay were big hits. ;)

there was the Wall of 'Fame', where the aunties and uncles delighted in seeing their pictures with you, from day one to day 365. they kept them as souvenirs, and wrote their wishes for you. (i'll make sure you read them... some day.)

there were games, to keep the sugar-laden children occupied.

some said you cheated, coz of daddy. heh.

you're really lucky, you know. you really are.

look at what the kakaks made for you. they sacrificed many cleo magazines and hours for that gorgeous collage, perfect for that playroom-tak-jadi-jadi of yours. and the cards, some were even hand-made. wow. did i mention you're really lucky?

and mummy has to mention the goody bags she lovingly filled for the kids. oy, not easy selecting the items that make the cut for the goody bags, ok. must follow theme one. mummy very anal. (however, mummy's honeystar-filled cups failed quite miserably, coz they ended up mostly toppled over. bah.)

so there. you turned one. mummy and daddy apparently took two weeks to recover.

but we love celebrating everything about you, tau. you turning one is a HUGE milestone, worthy of all that work. not just for you, but for us too.

coz it's also us turning ONE, as full-fledged parents.

to many more celebrations, luv.

your bestest fans,

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