Wednesday, December 27, 2006

tandoori, tea or me?

on kismis eve, i visited the President of the Union of Bambinos at his house. it was so high up, i thought we'd climbed jack's beanstalk!

i was almost right. there were golden roosters at the top...

and not to mention a Giant (Toddler).

ouh, my brudder Tahuiboy came along too.

but it took a while before he warmed up and joined the Giant and me.

me? my engine is always running lah. the only time it stalls is when i fall asleep. teehee.

thankyew unkle moby and unty trin for feeding us hungry people!

maybe next time mummy - err, i mean, DADDY will cook up a storm in our tiny kitchen. but mummy said, before we can invite any more people for proper sit-down lunch/dinner parties, we seriously need to buy nicer dining plates, and get rid of our current dining table which she doesn't like very much. (i suspect this is an excuse for her to shop.)

anyone wants a superheavyduty yellow marble dining table for FREE?? she's feeling very santa claus.

meanwhile, multiply and be merry... ho ho ho!

(eh. kismis day over already ah?)


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