Monday, December 25, 2006


"i'm... dreaming of a white.... christmas..."

eh, salah - wedding lah!

we were very makan ajar guests and came as per instruction on the wedding card.

'attire: white', it said.

if i could turn back the clock, i'd make all the guests at MY wedding wear white too. nice right??

very suci TAK berdebu. ;)

even this baby makan ajar one. he almost stole the limelight, ok, this boy. he's also a Kid A you know! :)

one stray guest who tak makan ajar *looks at farah*... tsk. :p

the other Kid A, aka Niqi Boy (as his daddy has been calling him), was Missing In Action that evening. our outfits wouldn't stay white very long otherwise.

anyway, twas a lovely wedding, lydia, you radiant bride you. nine years together, you guys?! wow.

oh, and happy birthday!

btw, groom's white adidas shoes not in picture.

(and to think i 'scolded' the Husband for wearing his white sneakers instead of proper formal shoes. rupanye Husband esah pon sama jugak. you Husbands got separate cards with instructions also is it??)

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