Friday, December 29, 2006

last kopek

ok, before december REALLY ends, just a few more last pics of december celebrations that ensued. ok? can lah. you don't mind seeing more babies, right?? err.

anyway. there was harith's first birthday, but he was a lil grumpy-wumpy when we were there.

sms: "i jumpa u lambat sikit, kena layan tamu dulu ler..."

the other babies present were in a perky mood though. dapat izadnhana berfeeling anak tiga.

eh eh, nak pegang tangan dengan cheerleader ajer...

and niQiboy, umm, sorta terrorised them. sorry, mak mak tertentu! :S

ouhh, this is just like my stacking rings...

then there was camellia's first. to my dismay, she already has SO MANY TOYS, so our gift would just add to the clutter. haii. should've given her something else. like, hmm, a spa voucher or something.

some say they look alike. big eyes and fluttery lashes! ni baru gegerr.

ok dah. no more birthdays and parties for the year.


(wait, new year's eve party considered this year or next year..?)

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