Saturday, December 30, 2006

you don't know jack!

we'd been to m/a/d j/a/c/k's at the bt timah outlet once, and were so unimpressed by the so-so food and lukewarm service that we never bothered to travel all the way there a second time.

then we heard about the second outlet at jln kayu and since we were on the TPE, we thought of giving it another try. (and if we were still unsatisfied, we could just bedal the famous prata next door.)

there weren't too many people, so niQiboy had the whole toy area to himself.

it's not much, mostly bits of toys that don't work, and board games for older kids, and it was kinda awkwardly located, right in the path to the sink and toilet. (imagine the germs that get transferred along the way to the children sitting on the floor. sheesh.) but it was enough to keep him occupied, for a while anyway.

there's a fussball table, also awkwardly located, right in the middle of the room, not very conducive for a loud game as it would distract the surrounding diners.

but bad feng shui aside, the food here was slightly better than the one at bt timah. and they didn't make us get our own utensils like the one there! they placed a whole bunch of it on every table for self-serve instead. pandai pun.

so how, niQiboy? what's your rating for this place?

"can i have some prata, please...?"

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