Monday, January 01, 2007

silence of the lambs

we didn't get to see any goats, lambs, sheep or other livestock from old macdonald's farm being slaughtered this year, but we had a pretty good time. (unlike the goats, lambs and sheep, that is.)

mari baca doa untuk tahun baru. world peace! amin.

pak aji relek kejap

ok, time to pray. dun play play.

uh oh, another cheeky pak aji in the family.

adam & aniq. today peace, tak bedal bedal each other. *hugs*

wow. is it 2007 already??

like last year, we didn't get to see the fireworks either.

it was spent putting the little one to sleep! at midnite, no less. his routine has gone a bit off since he's at home with me the past few days.

my bad. and all the more i shouldn't be a SAHM. (plus, it's really no joke tidying up after a tornado ok!)

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