Monday, January 08, 2007

hot hot heat

he was uncharacteristically subdued and whiny the whole day on saturday, and when his cheeks flushed red, we took a nice drive out to the docs that evening.

he was weighed in - finally passed the 10kg mark! - and his temperature checked - close to 40 degrees. the nurse gave him a dose of paracetamol and something to sponge him with.

then we waited for his temperature to drop. his eyes glazed and did i mention he was UNUSUALLY subdued?

bagos jugak sakit tau, duduk diam sikit. hehee.

about half an hour later, his temperature went down one degree... and OFF HE WENT! running around the entire floor, climbing on the weighing machine, making passes at a little toddler girl (complete with flying kisses), being cheeky with the nurses, and... generally being back to his normal ol' self.

oh well.

(urm, wreaking havoc at an undisclosed shopping centre later that night. parents took the opportunity since they were already out to stock up on depleted diapers.)

it was a viral infection, most likely caused by his one and only cousin dadam, who has been having a runny nose for the longest time yet INSISTS on kissing the little bub "satu kali ajerr". banyak punya satu kali eh.

that night, we laid out the mattress in the hall, put him in the skimpiest outfit of singlet and shorts, sponged (or rather, towelled) him some more, and the three of us rolled around and had a lil camp-in, in front of the teevee.

i love that we have this whole space to ourselves, our own X square meter of floor area that we call home. i remember when i was young, i wished i could just move out and live in my own house so that i could do ANYTHING i wanted in it... like, eat ice-cream and chips any time of the day, or leave the bed messy without anyone nagging at me, or have a slumber party with a few hot hunks.

well, whaddaya know. this hunk, literally hot. ;p

(tearing his hair out with all my fussing. hee. i'm sure he'll wish to move out and live in his own house sans his parents too some day...)

(... as soon as he gets over his Tek-dependence.)

so anyway, yeah, the whole weekend crept by uneventfully, POOF! just like that, not doing anything except stay within the confines of our X square meter of floor area. which is, hmm, quite a rare thing, actually. and ironic, since we used to believe that we'd stay home more than go out once we had our own place. hah, right.

(BUT heyy, according to dr j/a/z/l/a/n in last week's berita minggu, i didn't slack at all and did a TOTAL of four hours of aerobics and burnt 1200 calories over the weekend! woohoo! [ok, you actually have to hunt for a copy of BM to get what i mean.])

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