Saturday, January 06, 2007


ok, so after some dilly-dallying and trawling two certain new stores in tampines, half of the room is more or less, er, done.

can you tell how uninspired we are from the way we simply plonked in the things we gathered from those two new stores? hurhur.

now i'm just waiting for the Hausbern to get down to assembling that darned bookshelf so that the other half of the room will be complete.

oy, bila mau game darrr...

that's the thing about Hausberns. you become too dependent on them to do these things. you know, like fixing the lights, plumbing the toilet, etc.

but of course, it takes two weeks of shouting reminders and another two weeks of excuses before they actually do it.

so, it looks like it'll be a number of days more before we'll see the light of day of that bookshelf.

should i just do it myself then? *looks at manicured nails*

(hah, kidding! - i haven't had a manicure in years.)

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