Thursday, January 11, 2007

the replacement

he has this theory that non-living things, eg. electrical/electronic goods, have 'feelings' and 'lives' of their own.

you know, like when you're just thinking of replacing that old-but-still-working refridgerator with a brand new one you saw at the stores, it suddenly goes into cardiac arrest and, being irresuscitable, dies a timely death.

or when you're thinking about changing that old-but-not-so-trendy mobile phone you've had for a while now to a top-of-the-line avant-garde one, it decides to merajuk and "run away", by getting itself lost in the taxi/bus/mrt/other public places.

once, just when we were about to buy a new bed for me in the old house, the old bed simply fell apart by itself, as if it knew its lifespan had expired and would no longer be of service to me, its master.

anyway, the mister got himself a new toy recently. hurhur.

and proceeded to play around with it, completely ignoring his once-favourite point-and-shoot toy he'd acquired not so long ago.

hey, even *i* had a bit of fun with it.

my tampines' next top model.

and guess what?

barely a few days later, that trusty point-and-shoot we call lumix, attempted to commit suicide.

i say attempt, because it didn't really succeed in falling to its demise completely.

the mister was retrieving something from the table and lumix fell with a crash to the floor, cracking its LCD screen, akin to a head trauma injury.

no, we didn't call for an ambulance, but we'll send it to the hospital for recovery soon.

erm, reaaaal soon. *strokes lumix*

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