Sunday, January 14, 2007

and the green grass grows all around

daddy had to run an errand, so i had a bit of fun with mummy for a while, exploring the Great Outdoors. well, it's not exactly great, like a park or anything. but it's out of the malls and under the sun, so it's good, no?

there were lots of interesting things to see, just sitting by the road side.

and even more interesting things to do! like what that man is doing there, pulling grass.

he was kind enough to pull me up and show me how its done.

ouhh.. so THIS is grass. wonder how those cows can like this stuff...

... it tickles!


hey mister, your fly is open!

oops, i better check if mine is too...

hey, a ciggie. thanks, mate.

oops, my daddy's comin', i better hide this...

after all that mucking around, my hands were all black and dirty. of course, i have no concept of the word 'dirty' at all, just that mummy keeps shouting "DIRTY! DIRTY!" everytime i touch or pick something up from the ground. usually, my attempts to gobble them up are foiled by her too, followed by more hysterical screams of "NOOOO DIRTY!"

sheesh. party pooper.

but you know what? the REAL reason why i like to get my hands all black and "dirty" is so that i can... PLAY WITH WATER! can you see the joy in my face? whee!

and now i'm all "clean" again.

for a few seconds anyway. heee.

*splashes puddle on the ground with hands*


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