Monday, January 29, 2007

"oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me..." <-- (ok, i've been hearing one too many barney songs)

backtracking a little to two sundays ago, which was the first in our series of let's-kickabout-in-the-sun-and-avoid-shopping-malls sessions.

and we survived! well... barely. (it proved to be too much vitamin D for this mummy that she took urgent leave the next day. weak betol.)

despite the sweltering heat (which was really a nice change from all that rain... really...) the kids took it in stride, sweat and all.

Team Bambino

naufal: "you think we can beat the Lions?"
aniq: "huh? i thought we're at the botanic garden, not the zoo?"
nuha: *rolls eyes* "tsk, boys!"

ouh, just a little side note about his latest 'thang'. hand smooching. and i mean, a big, fat, juicy, wet and noisy SMOOCH. it's really too bad hari raya's over. he'd have garnered extra green packets for every adult hand being smooched, i think.

siapa-siapa punya tangan pun bedal jer lah.

anyway, suffice to say, we chickened out on mister sun and went scampering back to the comforts offered by, er, mister carrier man (you know, the air-con guy).

ok, so we compromised and sat al fresco, sipping on our cold lattes and chocolate ice blended.

hey, this won't be the last of it.

we were very good and brought the bub outdoors again yesterday.

but gimme another day to get over the overdose of vitamin D again in the meantime.

(don't worry, i didn't take urgent leave this time round.)

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