Thursday, April 14, 2005


dear husband,

i am now eating a bar of snickers for lunch. i am unable to read the amount of nutrients and calories found in this tasty item because they are written in a non-english language. i however believe that it provides a balanced diet (containing milk, peanuts and eggs), along with my bottled water full of wholesome minerals.

ps: thank you for the sardine epok-epoks you have hunted and salvaged for breakfast this morning. surely, you have been a good provider, as they are very packed with the necessary carbohydrates (flour), protein (fish) and vegetables (onions?) for a growing girl like me. i enjoyed them (all three, i counted) during my speedy drive to the office. i also enjoyed almost choking on them due to the zero bottles of water found lying around in babycolt.

i hope you are having a wonderful lunch time too.

love much,
your wife.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005


so she will never be a kevyn aucoin protege (since he died and all, how inconvenient), but maybe she could settle for, oh i don't know, zulradi or something.

all she needs now are the tools of the trade and we have lift-off...

ouuhh, ja-net. and err, how to makeup a giraffe? oops, that's just linda evangelista, silly.

suffice to say, she was one happy 28-year-old.

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Friday, April 01, 2005


olaf and inga went to the ikea sale to check out the hype.

inga bought a new fake plant to liven up her bathroom, since the previous live one died of unknown causes. probably depression.


the rest of the house is filling up ever-so-slowly. we're still pretty much a pair of clueless homemakers. martha would not approve.

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