Thursday, November 03, 2005


salam lebaran to one and all...

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ode to my nephie-poo

when you first appeared
you wailed till you were red
with your slit-like eyes
and your cone-shaped head

so tiny you were
in my arms you lay
i couldn't wait
for us to play

but you slept and slept
and pooed and peed
and all you did
was cry and feed

your head so bald
your lips so pink
you smelled so good
you hardly stink

then you started to eat
oh how you gobbled so
and like jack's beanstalk
you just grow and grow

like the world's greatest thinker
you used to frown a lot
perhaps you didn't know
that you're just a tiny tot

from day one you sucked your thumb
in your mouth your hand you cram
and you wouldn't sleep at all
till we put you in the pram

you left me for a while
to the wintery land of oz
and all i had of you were
your pics in my phone, of coz

but came back you did, my darling!
and you started to sit and climb
your teeth keeps popping up
to bite and eat all the time

you light up all our lives
with your funny lil antics
amazed we are to see
so quickly you learn new tricks

you've taken your first steps
around the house you walk
it's time for you to speak
i wanna hear you talk!

it's hard to believe, it's true
you've been with us a year
i wish you happy birthday
my nephie-poo, you dear!

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