Sunday, January 30, 2005

excess baggage

my cousin named afifah, age 2 years 2 months, has a fetish for handbags and lipsticks. and before she does more damage to my fake LVs and already saliva-filled bobbi brown lippies, i thought i'd buy her one of those girly toy handbags and makeup kit. and off to toys r us we went a-traipsing.

suffice to say, the range was disappointing - gaudy, plasticky toy lipsticks and eyeshadow compacts, how deceiving. and not to mention pricey.

heck, i ruminated, i could come up with better than that. and at no price whatsoever.

i had a whole bunch of old lipsticks i'd ceased using, and from there, i pooled together little things to simulate what would be in a girl's handbag. pink things, no less...

and suffice to say, her eyes lit up so and i was smothered with saliva-drenched kisses on the cheeks when i presented the handbag to her. she promptly dropped what she was doing and set about discovering the treasures within, the little baglady she is.

she made her favourite uncle apply the supremely pink maybelline lipstick on her, and beamed when we howled at her clown-like lips glistening with saliva.

i've created a monster. (in other words, a mini-me.)

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Friday, January 21, 2005


clan: (noun) a group of people related by blood or marriage.

and we really are related in one way or other, us 77-ers.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

desperate housewives

two 'housewives' were left to their own devices when their husbands became couch potatoes on saturday night. so what better food to serve them than baked potatoes?

finally, hana discovers she could prepare a dish by herself. well, technically, rini scrubbed and poked the potatoes, and izad pressed the buttons on the oven and checked to see if they were cooked.

BUT, hana arranged the potatoes nicely in the oven! truly!

not to mention, erm, she opened the cans of tuna mayo, and arranged the plates, utensils, etc.

what to do with leftover potato? why, make potato salad of course. oh, that's rini's hands, by the way. but really, hana washed the lettuce leaves and, um, suggested putting in the potato bits.

mmm. carbs.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


babycolt is sick and in need of some surgical care.

and for a week or so, for 40bux a day, we are foster parents to a babynissanmarch. not so baby, as she is five years old. a toddler, you can say. and toddle she does, in all her 1000cc glory, that all the cars behind kept honking at her and overtaking her. car-ism, i told izad, that's what it is. (you know, like racism and elitism, but with cars. duh.)

i just kept gunning her accelerator for what its worth. which is not much, coz she threatens to get asthmatic or an epileptic fit at 80km/h.

but it's ok. horn all you want, you bastards. i'll damn well take my time.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

from hair to eternity

ten reasons why women have long hair.

1. to keep neck warm in cold weather or air-conditioned room.
2. to play with, or chew on, when bored/stressed, eg. meetings, exams, dates.
3. to hide behind on bad skin days or in general low self-esteem. (see sadako.)
4. to hang self with, if rope is unavailable.
5. to display headbanging skills at rock concerts.
6. to land a contract in pantene/rejoice/loreal shampoo advertisement.
7. to get out of hairy situations, such as entrapment in tall tower. (see rapunzel.)
8. to flick when attractive man walks past, so pheromones (or natural lurve chemicals) are emitted.
9. to use as tool for foreplay, eg. tickling.
10. to defend self from pervs by whipping their sleazoid faces with ponytail.

it's time for a trip to the hairdresser.

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