Tuesday, August 30, 2005

shiny happy people

we both do like shiny things. (and seeing our names reflected off from them haha.)

and with that, our anniversary dinner for two was nothing more than a humble plate of mutton chop and kway teow goreng at beach road. the wife even got a souvenir for the evening, in the form of two orangey dots of oily sauce splatter on her shirt.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

feed me, seymore!

he loves to eat. i'm not kidding ok. he cannot resist the sight of food. any food. just hold a plate or bowl, and he will come a-crawling like a moth to a flame, like an ant to a sugarcube, like a bee to honey, like a cicak to a fly... you get the picture.

and when we want to keep him still for a few minutes (an insurmountable task otherwise, given his penchance for climbing furniture and our bodies these days), we give him a teething biscuit to munch on and he will be vair, vair happy.

i've tasted the biscuits, because he likes to shove it in my mouth occasionally when he's feeling generous. horribly tasteless stuff. doesn't help that it's soaked in his saliva. but he likes it.

he's fed morsels from our own meals these days. individual grains of rice, tiny pieces of white bread, and today i heard, cornflakes. and you know what else he loves to do? when i ask him "where's your gigi?" he'll promptly GRIND GRIND GRIND his four front teeth together. i suspect he likes seeing me cringe at the sound, it's as bad as fingernails scratched along a blackboard. gah!

bottomline is, this little shop of horrors likes food.

just like his unkle ijad.

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Monday, August 08, 2005


aunty hana's very own oompa-loompa.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

lizards convention

we happened to be in a DIY shop and saw a lizard trap for sale, so we bought one.

it's very sticky, according to mr hana, who was appointed the lizard trapper-cum-disposer of the house.

we have placed them against the window grills, again according to mr hana's report. i was of course many feet away from him, as i believed the lizards were ready to pounce on him, having sniffed the lizard bait in his hand.

this morning's check produced no trapped lizzies as yet. maybe they were waiting for us to leave the house before they start roaming around and crapping on the floor.

mum asked how other lizards will know not to come back to the house, since the victims would be dead and wouldn't be able to warn them. i said, well, they will know something's not right when their family members don't come back to them mahhh.

the other day mr hana managed to grab a tail of a wayward lizard. it wiggled away, but he felt it was a good warning to the now-tail-challenged lizard, and spread the word to the underground lizard community to beware of him.

ceh dey. my hero, ok.

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