Wednesday, August 02, 2006

reflections: World Breasfeeding Week 06

i asked a few people if advocating TBF (total breastfeeding) in this day and age is a lost cause.

one reply i got was, that it puts a lot of pressure on mums-to-be.

fair enough. i hope, in my personal quest to promote TBF, that i never offend or put to shame anyone who has gone the FM (formula milk) way. it IS, after all, a very personal choice, just like all other aspects of raising a child. there simply isn't a right or wrong answer, is there?

but perhaps, if we're all just that little bit more enlightened, and given that little bit more encouragement and support, and put in just that little bit more effort... maybe, just maybe, more mums will give it a go and not give up too soon, or too easily.

having only done this for eight months and being a newbie in this business of baby-rearing, i may not be the 'expert', or have the 'credentials', and i certainly will not know for sure how it'll benefit my baby in the future when he's all grown up. after all, who's to say how healthy or how bright or how close to me he will be, just because of my TBF efforts now?

but some of you, like me, can't help but have that gut feeling, that says, THIS is what's best for our little ones. THIS is what our bodies are made for. THIS is Something Very Good. and THIS is a privilege that we'll only get to do for a very short time in our entire life. (unless of course, you intend to pop out 10 children or more in your lifetime.)

and with that little bit of enlightenment, that little bit of encouragement and support, and that little bit of effort, we've proven to the naysayers that we CAN do this. maybe through sheer luck coz our babies are natural guzzlers, but if even the mother of the smallest of premies can do it (as well as the mother with the smallest of boobs!), why not everyone else?

and with that unbridled belief and massive conviction i have in every mum-to-be out there, i say, go on, i dare you to take up this challenge too. never be afraid to ask for help. never think it's too hard. never think it's not enough.

never think you CAN'T.

happy World Breastfeeding Week... and see you at the BreastFest on 13 Aug!

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