Saturday, October 22, 2005

minus one

mudpie + cheesecake + ice cream x great company = infinite joy

sugar = good.

now where *is* that other clan member?

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Monday, October 17, 2005

iye, mak bedah

hai, geylang, geylang.

makanan banyak, tapi apasal takde quality control ye?

keropok lekor tak sedap. apam pulau pinang tak sedap. burger ramly pun macam tak bermaya.

in the end, beli apple pie kat mcdonalds, rasa gerenti, tentu sedap.

macam mana orang melayu buat bisnes ni? *garuk kepala*

buat susah aje kita cari car park, jalan dalam kesesakan orang ramai, berpeluh-pelih dibuatnye.


dah lah. takmo masuk lagi. serik bedah.

ni pak mat punye pasal lah, ajak kita pegi. mati-mati nak beli kurma yang "fresh and crunchy" tu. nasib baik tu sedap.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

mama roach

ok, i just freaked out and went into a king-sized battle with a king-sized roach in this very computer room.

it came out of nowhere, the damn &$*^ing bugger.

i screamed bloody murder and ran to get the shieldtox. i screamed some more while i sprayed at it non-stop. i screamed to high heavens when it scuttled helter-skelter towards me and zigzagged around the room, trailing a liquid line of shieldtox behind it. i screamed when it tried to climb up the walls unsuccessfully and fell on its back. i screamed when its wiry legs scrambled in the air and threatened to turn back again. i screamed when i ripped a paper towel and gingerly threw it on top of the still-struggling pest (coz i feel better if i don't see it, you see).

i believe i screamed it to death.

and my shieldtox is half empty.

all this drama had to happen when i'm alone in the house at night. gah.

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Monday, October 03, 2005


he felt like messing about in the kitchen some more.

so he searched high and low for fresh mutton and made the sauce from scratch.

he knows i'll eat anything with potatoes.

sekarang baru boleh apply jadi cook kat beach road kedai deen biasa, beb!

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