Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hit me baby one more time

can you tell he's been practising? ;)

"i've got the magic stick..."

"hah! i am SO gonna beat the c*** out of..."

whoops. so much for not endorsing violence.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Da Vuinci Code

It has been wildly and grossly reported on CNN (Celoteh-tak-tentu-pasal News Network) that there will be a GRAND, HUGE-ASS, GLITTERATI birthday party of EPIC PROPORTIONS happening in the eastern part of Singapore this coming December, akin to the recent weddings of TomKat, Datoks SK (no relations to chain of jewelry shops or almost-recalled beauty product endorsed by famous oriental star), and other small-time celebrities-tak-jadi of the Suria variety.

The Diaznadnaha investigating crew decided to dig deep into the heartlands to discover the awful truth and harsh reality behind this almost-scandalous piece of news, originated by an educator-by-day, amateur-roving-reporter-with-bad-spelling-by-night, Mie Bte Suv.

This is what they found...

1) Talks are in session with well-loved chef, Yua (not, as erroneously reported, some other chef called Naa, whoever that is), on the design of an appropriate confectionary for the celebration of one-year-old, Iqan, which does NOT include extreme amounts of sugared icing on little cakes placed in little cups, otherwise known as Cupcakes. (It is agreed upon, too, that the public should be warned of the proliferation of such sweet offerings to small children, as well as adults, as they may cause bad teeth and bad karma. Also, if you are being charged $400 for a bunch of them, you're being s-w-i-n-d-l-e-d, honey. But that's another newsworthy report altogether.)

2) A group of Actual Friends of the said birthday child's parents have responded positively to the modest celebration taking place. They include a mix of relatives, as well as non-internet-savvy and internet-friendly people (or iFriends). Some of these iFriends are Real People, who have, over time, established Real Connections with one another in the Real World. These iFriends are a few amongst those who played a part in the mother's journey during her fiercely-protected pregnancy, as well as her journey through a year of motherhood, by dispensing good wishes, advise, listening ears, and lots of love. They have met, cuddled, kissed, hugged, and shared in the joy of the growth and development of Iqan, from the moment he was born into the world. (They are also known not to launch attacks on the parents, virtually or otherwise.) The guest list is kept to a minimum and is currently undisclosed. However, it is known that Ms Mie "Know-it-all" Suv, is unfortunately not invited as she is, as she declares, merely a "casual observer". Not that she cares, of course, as she herself will probably throw a first party for her own cute and adorable child a few months down the road, with no invited guests of course.

3) The boy's much-adored aunt, ifzahurnah, will be presenting Iqan with a drum set. (This part of the reporting is, amazingly, correct.)

4) No expensive presents are sought after or expected from gorgeous lady in uniform, Naihar - only her precious presence is. That, money can't buy. As it stands, ten out of eleven minutes are still owed to Naihar, for free manhandling (toddlerhandling?) of Iqan. Flight schedules are a bitch. Or so we heard.

5) Iqan's father will not be showering him with gifts. This includes ridiculous gadgets, like iSomething or iOther. (On a side note, Apple interns should be fired for not knowing their products.) The father will be showering lots of lurve on the child, by arranging the food for the day, and at the same time, contributing to the community. (This, too, a newsworthy report for another day.)

6) The allegedly grandiose party will be held in an undisclosed open venue which costs the hosts a grand total of $60/-, including electricity and running water (and a whole lotta running-around space). The parents of the boy Iqan are, as you can tell, hopeless cheapskates, which was also the reason why they did not hold their wedding at a nice hotel. Then again, as they say, "damned if you do, damned if you don't". Right, Naihar? har har! Oh, it is also noted that no FDWs will be made to clean up. Only Banglas, for which they will be paid through the Town Council.

7) Babies will be, without a doubt, the highlight of the day. Babies, be they twins, triplets, or sextuplets, are lovely creatures, worthy of being celebrated for their mere creation and existence. All babies will be put in a circus-like ring to be duly admired on that day. Those who do not coo accordingly for an equal amount of time at each and every baby present will have their heads and reproductive systems chopped off.

8) Due to the impending bonus and generally generous moods, Iqan will likely enjoy his loot. The child's parents have little control over this, except to answer to those who've made queries, that gifts, if any, should not endorse violence, be too bulky, or non-age-appropriate. Guests should not feel burdened - we have exclusive news that this will be the only time in many years to come where his age will be celebrated, the next one being 16. (Though by then, he'll be too teenager to even want one by his parents, ho ho.)

9) The abovementioned bonus, plus the mother's shrewd thriftiness, will go to paying for her only child's first birthday. Part of her bonus will also be disbursed to all parties involved in the caregiving of Iqan, such as the grandmother and the helper. (Must declare publicly hor? Like public taxpayers' monies liddat.)

This is a post done tongue-in-cheek style. So let's all learn to laugh at ourselves. And if you can decipher all the anagrams of the names... you should REALLY get a life.


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Thursday, November 23, 2006


i've heard of all kinds of machines in my short life of 11 months.

iPod. iRobot. iRiver. iDunnowhat. (i hear there are also things like iMac, iShuffle, iSwallow.)

so self-centred hor, these people with "i" things?

hmm, maybe "i" stands for "intelligent". maybe people like being surrounded by "intelligent" things. but can people be more "intelligent" and start coming up with names that don't start with "i"? like, i don't know, uZap?

or better still, use "we" lah. sounds more friendly right? "we" denotes sharing. like weBrolly (ie. technologically-enhanced umbrella). or wePet (ie. mechanical domestic animal).

meanwhile, the Daddy has gotten himself another one of those "i" junk to add to his clutter of playthings.

he said it's an iLuv.


as you can see, i was rudely awoken in the morning by this so-called intelligent gadget. but hah! weBabies are infinitely superior in our intelligence than a little box that makes a whole lotta noise. after a few suspenseful and thrilling moments later, i figured it out in no time. (see my hitchcock-like silhouette in the background? cool huh.)

iSimply hit SNOOZE.

it wasn't so fun, so i didn't bother with it much.

Daddy's toe bulu made for SO much more entertainment.

and for that, i shall call him iHobbit.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

loosen up my buttons

my bimbotic moment for today.

(thankfully, i still have them.)

male colleague (X) had asked me (Y) a few days ago what it was i used on my lips. lip gloss, i told him, pouting for effect.

so today over lunch, his fascination with the female aesthetic continues.

X: lip gloss has this effect...
Y: on men??
X: ... no. on lips.
Y: oh. darn.

and i finally understand PCD's "Buttons" after careful listening to it this morning in the coltmobil. dia suruh laki tu bukak baju dia rupanye, tapi laki tu selenge takmo bukak. eh? entahlah. agaknye baju dia banyak sangat butang, dia pon tak kuasa. (that was my bimbotic minah mode, btw.)

speaking of stripping, ingat eh adik-adik yang telah baca BH minggu lalu - hen party adalah haram! nak main lagu "Buttons" ajer boleh. tapi jangan panggil strippers tau. ustaz dah kasi warning. HEP!

(i wonder whose happening hen party pics they used in that spread though, ouhh...)


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the (tazmanian) devil wears prata

his shoo shoos are only a month old, but it's become more Prata then Prada.

the soles are now flat and furry and stained from puddles and mud and other unidentifiable gunk, including his own saliva (from chewing on his shoo-shooed feet while bored in stroller).

"for selling your sole to the devil, we bid you adieu..."

so the Daddy decided to put his foot down and get him a proper pair of shoes. you know, the kind with rubber soles. like, FINALLY.

"huh, am i on project run(a)way?"

he said he didn't mind spending a bit on the shoes coz the little one obviously puts it to good use. as the malays would say, "muai, you!"

as soon as they were fastened on to his feet, he was off, as quick as lightning, out of the shop faster than you can say "stop in the name of clarks!"

"ready, set, GOOOOO!!"

we had two youthful babysitters with us, but barely half and hour running after the little one around carrefour, they raised the white flag and declared themselves 5kg lighter each.


the new shoes gave him better grip and balance, so he hardly trips, which means, OMG... he can run EVEN faster. :O

but it was well worth the Daddy's moolah. plus it's such a pwetty colour. well, as pwetty as boys' footwear goes lah.

to the unty out there who was thinking of getting him a pair of clarks before we foiled her plan, he'll grow out of his size 4.5 soon, so... you know what to do... ;p

"ha ha, i ketuk daddy! ketawakan dia!"

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Monday, November 20, 2006

chasing cars

we've been ever so reliant on our, as Red puts it, "breastfeeding station on wheels" aka the coltmobil, that lugging the little one on public transport is something of a novelty for him.

i think the last i took the bus or train with him alone was during my much-missed maternity leave. it was easy then coz he didn't weigh as much (or wriggle as much) as he does now, and all i had to do was feed him well before the trip and he wouldn't so much as squeak all throughout. (remember, esah, our orchard trip? hee.) with SO MUCH to see and hear, all that hustle and bustle of the crowds and vehicles, he won't even remember if he's hungry or sleepy.

now that he's too heavy and wriggly for me, i'd rather stick to my coltmobil, thankyewberymuch.

which leaves the Daddy to take him on them buses and trains to, erm, expose him to the true-blue heartlander singaporean experience of riding on public transport. :D

to date, his record holds from tampines to novena, and tampines to toa payoh, both times to meet me after work, with nary a glitch.

the daddy reported that the little one enjoyed himself very muchly, even so far as to terrorise other passengers in the train by calling out to them, swiping at their newspapers, and flirting with the ladies. (at least i THINK it's the little one and not the Daddy, ha ha.)

but i guess buses and trains aren't as exciting to him as cars. mention the word "car" and you'll instantly hear a deep growl revving out of him.

somewhere in toa payoh...

"where is my P plate?"

"that a way, please!"

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

pro creation

you know what? i think i've visited more babies in this year alone than in my entire lifetime.

baby danial!

mister gahmen, please note that we ARE procreating okay.

maybe we should withhold the procreation thing for a bit after this and hold them wombs for ransom so mister gahmen won't increase the gst next year. what say you?

no? still want 'em cute babies?

ok lah. go ahead.

just don't eat them up when the going gets tough...

beware the baby-eating monster!


"A newborn has a developed sense of smell at birth, and within the first week of life can already distinguish the differences between the mother's own breast milk and the breast milk of another female."

so clever!

either that, or the other female smells REALLY bad after a day at work. :p

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Friday, November 17, 2006

fit for a queen(-sized bed)

we have this guest room in our house which is rarely used for the purpose of receiving guests, coz we ever hardly have guests stay over. well, with the exception of maybe twice in the three years we've lived here.

in this guest room, there is this queen-sized bed, complete with a new, rarely-used queen-sized dunlopillo mattress, and a queen-sized comforter.

other than being a museum space for this bed, the room also serves as a clean-laundry-dumping area and ironing room. oh, and occassionally, a storage room.

but seeing how the little one is quickly becoming not-so-little, we'd like to find another safe haven for this queen-sized bed so that we can have a bit more space for his stuff.

so, would anyone be interested in buying a queen-sized bed, along with its queen-sized dunlopillo mattress (queen-sized comforter optional) for their own guest room?

price negotiable. transportation your own, if possible. email izadnhana@yahoo.com. while stocks last! (eh wait, only got 1 lah...)

i'm itching to do up a proper play room for the little one, you know, with a reading corner, a toy corner, a creative corner, a naughty corner... hehee.

so yah. exclusively for izadnhana's readers ha ha.

LELONG! LELONG! lai, lai!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

when aniq met...

we're rehabilitating him to be kind to animals AND babies, see.

"sayang... sayang..."

let me tell you the name of this baby.


it's A...neeqa! HAHA!

and ouhhhh, what a beauty lil aneeqa is. whee, another potential menantu for me!

i almost squeezed her like an orange pulp when her mummy didn't see. i think i'm the one who needs rehabilitation.

aniq, atikah, aneeqa.


i miss the time when he was all thunder thighs and chubby cheeks. now that he's much, much more mobile and doing major workouts during his every waking minute, he's shed even more of those baby fats we all love and cherish.

his food intake is good, or at least, he finishes up whatever's in his bowl. he's still on BM, though i believe, not as much as his peers who's downing what, 200+ml by now? he only has patience for 160ml (in the bottle - probably less from direct source!) at most per feed, before he's distracted by something or someone, and wriggles himself free from the boring work of drinking milk.

oh.. and some of you will be glad to know that we finally bought our first tin of FM the other day. a small tin of similac follow-on. which is now sitting prettily unopened, next to that big fat of also unopened tin of nan for below 6mths. (btw, anyone wants to buy this off us? give you discount!)

we're not sure why we're heading towards, as some would say (in jest) - "the dark side".

he's less than a month away from a year old, which means, i've almost miraculously reached my 1-year TBF target. :O

i'm almost ready to hang up those pumps, but not quite. daytime feedings should be easy to wean off coz he's used to the bottle when i'm at work. and judging from the way he laps up EVERYTHING we give him, he probably won't mind the taste either.

the night-time before-bed comfort suckling i don't mind too much. it's been easier lately since he's learnt to unlatch and roll around the cot by himself to sleep.

you know, i think he's become more independent, not just physically, but also emotionally since he started walking. he insists on being let down to walk instead of being carried. he even insists on letting go of our hands when we try to hold it.

and i suppose, this BF weaning process is also a kind of independence, on both his and my part.

so... when will the grand official opening of tin similac be?

*bites nails*

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Monday, November 13, 2006

visiting hours

this time round, we have babies in tow, from east to north to west. they GENERALLY behaved very well (no cries or tantrums, just a lot of walking/menggelitis-ing, crawling, and drooling).

one newly-married couple's luck was like the proverbial kentang that day. the bini dropped her newly-bought camera in the cab on the way to the first house, and after the last house, the laki dropped his wallet! thankfully, the wallet was found by a kind soul, who deposited it at jalan bahar police station. next year, jangan misplace anak sudah, ye!

it was SO LATE by the time everyone arrived, and cheesecakes and eclairs were devoured. by the time we left the last house, it was close to 1am and the babies (and some adults too) were zonked out. next year, our house last pulak lah, ye!

and we promise to handcuff the little tornado then too. :D

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

cat lover

"sayang... sayang..."

still in the process of rehabilitating the incorrigible cat terroriser over the weekend. thanks to kak m for the use of her furry persian called mickey. i think she (the cat, not kak m) may be sporting a bald spot or two now. oops.

ps: please keep your eyes on the cat OR the baby. but NOT the cute hunk with the dimple, hokay! eppp...

*hits play and swoons* ;p

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Friday, November 10, 2006


exactly ONE more month to go before the big ONE.


we're not sure where to even begin planning for a par-tay. we only have the date set and... that's it. whoops. there's still time, right?? *bites nails*

maybe i could rope in the little one for the preparations.

fried eggs to go with your cake, ma'am?

bila mau game, beb...

that is, by the way, one of his favourite playthings, another being my fruit punch ladle. more to bang things on than actual cooking of course. though i think he gets the idea for its intended use from observing mum and the helper daily in the kitchen. (well, definitely not from me!)

hmm, boleh lah dia tolong bapaknye masakkan maknye nanti. senang sikit maknye, ye?

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

curiosity killed the cat

i guess it's only natural that the first real live animals our little ones come into direct contact with are cats, seeing that we don't exactly live in a kampung, or a farm like old macdonald.

that's one of our neighbour's MANY cats. (that is also one of their many awful-looking bedsheets hanging on the pole, hehe.) they also have one heck of an ugly big old dog, which i think, has made a few of our guests who've seen it outside our door jump in their skins.

it's a routine for the three of us when we return home everyday, to hang around the void deck with the cats for a few minutes. there are five of them, big fat ones, at the last count. our block is like a meeting point for these merry band of felines.

and they get a lot of attention too! i know coz we're on the second floor and, being the formidable kaypoh (or rather, civic-minded) neighbour that i am, i'd peer out of the kitchen window once in a while, always to find someone stop and stoop to pet a cat, or someone dutifully leave food, snacks and water for them (different people each time), or someone carefully applying antiseptic on one of the cat's wound after a fight.

the little one, being curious as a cat himself, would strain his body towards the cat to touch it when we're carrying him, but for the sake of the cat's safety (no, not the baby's), we don't let him go too near. coz THIS is what will happen.


on behalf of the cat terrorist's parents, sorry, kiau and owner! and you all ah, please don't action hero and call up SPCA lah, ok? we're still in the process of teaching him the appropriate and PC way of handling cats, but we can't go "sayang, sayang" or he'd go slobber all over the cat and end up with furballs in his mouth.

but then, somehow the kitties always run away and hide from him first leh!

i guess cats aren't that curious after all.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

pump up the volume (make some noise!)

occasionally i plod through ST for a change, when i've had enough of BH's splash of gory pictures of people with scary diseases and deformities (usually in some remote village in malaysia) or even more gory stories of rape and incest (also usually in some remote village in malaysia). :O

[btw, what's with the Suria Raya Live-bashing lately in BH's forum pages ah? aiyah, raya over liao, maafkan saja lah! next year tak buat lagi, ok? but remember eh, cannot anyhow put happy, pretty people to prance around on stage in glittery costumes before raya, very tak ramadhan rocks.]

anyway, where was i?

oh yes, ST.

last week, someone wrote in a forum letter on the lack of nursing facilities in the workplace for new mothers.

ahh! a topic close to my heart (literally - *feels boobs*). not that i have a problem myself, being employed in a, ahem, family-friendly organisation and fairly supported by colleagues who are all aware of my 'extra-curricular activity'. they all go "eh, you got go *makes squeezing gestures* already?". and it's not just the girls, but the guys too, lol! even my very male boss enquires about my progress occasionally and gives words of encouragement. it's quite... surreal, to say the least. :D

and then today, more BF militants have joined in the call.

--> female employees should have the right to nurse their baby
--> give nursing mums time off to pump their milk

it's a start, but those of you working nursing mums out there who have been sneaking off for furtive pumps in dirty toilets or tiny store rooms under the wary eyes of colleagues or employers, i besiege beseech you - circulate these articles to them!

and of course, also those of you who are about to give birth or go back to work. hey, must provide ready infrastructure for when you come back from maternity leave mah. ;)

ok, go!


addendum (tak habis-habis addendum):

whaddayaknow! BH (9 Nov) pun ada artikel tentang SB (alah, you know, the melayu equivalent of BM)...

--> tugas bersama

ahh, yang ini boleh circulate to your suamis or, if you rather, DHs.

selamat menyusu!

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Monday, November 06, 2006

big boys don't cry

if there's one thing we won't have to worry about, is him being bullied by bigger kids. coz... he thinks he's as big as them!

sure they're a little taller than him, but that doesn't bother him. he thinks they're quite fascinating creatures, and why not? older kids can run and jump and do other wondrous things, unlike babies, who don't impress him much coz all they do is flail around helplessly and cry. been there, done that, bo-ring!

his cousins on both sides of the families are mostly BOYS, and they're generally a rowdy, gregarious bunch, mini tornadoes of their own.

beng gangsta #1: "you! cannot come in!"
beng gangsta #1 & #2: "kua si mi??"

haznsham's twins seem to enjoy monkeying around with aniq even though they have two other little siblings to play with. maybe coz he doesn't mind their roughhousing one bit. the feeling was mutual. :D

mat gangsta: "hiyaaak! lu jangan nak step sama gua!"

mat gangsta: "gua SIDESTEP lu ah!"

a few times when we bring him downstairs, we'd let him loose and he'd waddle in double time over to where the big kids are congregated, even primary/secondary school-aged ones, and peer over where they're seated to see what they're doing, or stand amidst the thick of action to watch them whiz by precariously around him. and when we call out to him or threaten to leave him behind with "bye aniq!" on repeat mode, he'd refuse to budge.

his daddy said to him, "ingat eh, you tinggal tingkat dua, lengkali turun naik sendiri. nanti kita pekik dari tingkap suruh balik, ok?"

in the meantime, he's got his bigger cousins to teach him the fine art of terrorising others. like using firearms, for example, lol!

eh no no, violence is bad! mummy said so!

prithee, disarm! ceasefire!

damsels sufi and maryam answer the call of distress, but the rescuee is in actual fact enjoying himself, heh.

we really need more girls in the family, you know, to balance out the yin & yang (too much yin!). all our other cousins just gave birth/will give birth to boys, every one of them.

oh well. they can form their own WWFs, i guess.

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"sayang... sayang... kiss!"
(smothers victim and slobbers it with saliva)

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

he bangs the drums

raya visits have been a great way for the little one to dispense his energy. when we visit a house, he'd make a beeline for the area with the most activity, especially the toy section, should the house be inhabited by a child or a few children.

we ourselves are in awe at the collection of toys in every household with kids that we go to. we feel like we've been short-changing the little one, coz we, well, ermm... tend to stinge on buying him toys. :S

in any case, his attention span on all things gaudy is short, but he can spend long minutes fiddling with the dullest of remote controls, or the fruit-punch ladle he found in the kitchen drawer, or even his daddy's wallet.

he DOES, however, like this particular toy he discovered at his abang ilya's house very much...

he immediately sat down on the stool and proceeded to bang away with great abandon. ouhhh, do we have the makings of a rock star??

adoi! MUSIC to my ears indeed!

his daddy's always wanted to get him a drumkit, and now that we've tested it out on him, we're waiting for his, AHEM, birthday to get it.

what's that? you sure you don't mind all that racket?

nahh. i've always had a thing for musicians, you know. ;p

ps: ummi naufal, we hope naufal will cause great mayhem with the pressie we got him... LOL!

* * * * * *

speaking of birthdays and rock stars, i got myself an early birthday present, more than a month in advance ha ha.

yah yah, mummy stinges on you, but splurges on herself. bad, bad mummy.

i'm still not over my crush on bono, unfortunately. sigh~

if anything, the book reinforces my long-standing adulation of him. aiyoh, so teenager hor?

his immense loyalty to his wife of over two decades, despite the rock & roll pitfalls of supermodels and other adoring female species falling at his feet, makes him UBER-sexay, if you ask me. being married (and in love) that long to his childhood sweetheart and raising four children together despite world tours and world-debt meetings, is a rare thing in the superstar stratosphere, doncha think?

ok, enough ogling at (rich, successful, gorgeous, musically-inclined) married men, hana. 8)

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Saturday, November 04, 2006


i'm afraid we've become parents of a performing seal.

"aniq, where're the lights/mana lampu?" (this one bilingual seal mah.)
"where's the fan?"
(points upwards accordingly)

"shake! shake!"
(jiggles item in hand)

"joget! joget! dance!"
(bends knees and jiggies wit it)

"car/motorbike bunyi macam mana?"
(guttural grunts)

"cat? how does a cat sound?"
(high-pitched mew)

"tengok bawah! tengok bawah!"
(lies on tummy and looks under table/chair)

"baring! baring! lie down! sleep!"
(plops head on pillow or heck, even the ground will do)

"where's the ball? go get the ball."
(looks round for the nearest ball available)

"where's the clock?"
(points to wall)

"where's aunty's house?"
(points to mum's chinese neighbour's house where he LOVES to go to for some reason)

"bird, where's the bird?"
(points outside)

"comb hair?"
(rubs comb against head)

most of the above accompanied with lots of ba-ba-bas and ma-ma-mas.

and yes, i am officially "ma!" while the hasbern is decidedly "ba!" (exclamation marks included.)

i know it's natural that he will understand our language and exhibit comprehension of our instructions bit by bit, like a scaffold or building blocks, with each passing day.

but it never ceases to amaze me nonetheless, being able to communicate through the complexity of language with this little person, who once upon a time not too long ago, knew nothing of our world and of the sounds that come out of our mouths.

"duduk, duduk, sit down lah!"

i remember when dadam was less than a year old, when asked where's the "wind", he'd put his hands up to feel the wind blowing. wind! something so intangible, yet he understood the concept.



ps: a birthday wish @ the bambino blog for aniq's brudder! :)

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Friday, November 03, 2006

the tasmanian

it's not easy to get him to sit still for more than five seconds.

we all don't know where his limitless reserve of energy comes from. it's kinda scary you know, i mean, where do you draw the line and tell whether a child is normal-healthy kind of active or not-so-normal kind of hyperactive?

even when he's trying to fall asleep he can't seem to keep still, tossing and turning and tonggang-terbalik-ing all over the place, wreaking havoc among the soft toys in his cot and causing a thousand wrinkles on the bedsheet!

his waking moments are spent tirelessly with his hands and feet in constant motion, exploring everything, fearless of new experiences and faces, with nary a whine each time he falls onto the floor or bumps into the wall, totally unfazed by anything, this tiny, toddling tornado.

i'd hold him down and tell him to slow down or "REST LAH! REST! kejap ajer, ONE minute!", but it won't be five seconds before he's wriggled his way out of my arms and he's off like a rocket to the next thing that catches his attention. :O

i manage to get him to do the darned stacking rings though, usually at night when he's not so wound up. well... up to three rings or four, then he's off, flinging them right left and centre, heh. well, that surely is way more exciting than boring ol' stacking, eh?

the relatives have forewarned me many times how active his daddy was as a child, executing numerous stunts with almost devastating outcomes. but look what's become of him now - the capital of Slack. sometimes he moves even slower than a 100-year-old snail. there's a permanent dent in the sofa that has his butt's name on it.

i can't remember, but perhaps i too was something of a tornado myself. there was one time when i was small, i was running round and round and round the coffee table in the hall, when my dad must have snapped and ROARED at me to stop running around and sit down like a proper girl. i think that must have been the point when i stopped running, period. i'm not sure why that's etched in my mind, but it probably had some bearing to my total lack of activeness, my constant dread of sports and god-forbid, PE! my couch-potato-ness, my slacker-ness (yes, i AM the missus capital of Slack). the only physical activity that is anywhere near marathon-like and i don't mind exerting on now is, of course, shopping.

so at what point will this wound-up energizer bunny slow down and sit still long enough to focus on something constructive (as opposed to being the epitome of destruction that he is now)?


*imagines teenage aniq in dimmed room full of posters, wearing black, with iPod stuck to ears, eyes glued to computer game screen, mtv blaring in the background, while i scream at him - "THROW RUBBISH!"*

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

have the cake and eat it too

so dadam's mummy got him an elmo cake. with eggs. and chocolate to boot, hurhur.

i asked him if he had some. "makan, SIKIIIT (with great emphasis) ajeer! tak makan manyak-manyak!"

adoi. cuteness to the maximus si mak nenek berbual. i cannot tahan. i want to makan him manyak-manyak. you wouldn't think he'd talk like that by looking at that fair-skinned, sepet, made-in-china exterior.

he went "present!" (tau pulak benda tu present) and promptly proceeded to peel off the wrapping bit by bit, with great and utter care.

his cousin, si mat kepo kenit also tried to join in, happily trodding on the wrapper and plastic and everything else he could trample on like the potential Toddler Giant that he will be (watch out, ajab!). but not before PLONKING his entire grubby hand on a piece of stray chocolate cake left on the table. he was so intrigued by the squishiness of the cake in his hand that his daddy managed to quickly wipe it off before he could incur more damage (eg. by eating it).

his royal keponess also shared one leg (tumpang sekaki) and fiddled with the wooden knob puzzle i got for the birthday tot. it managed to capture dadam's attention for all of three, maybe four minutes, ("G is for... LION!" hehe - ok, the giraffe underneath the letter G did look dubiously lion-like) before he got distracted by the more pressing demands of playing with a balloon.

he made me huff and puff into the balloon ("aunty nana, blowkan!"), and being the adoring superaunty that i am, obliged the nephie-poo, at the same time tried to eat and ward off si kepo kenit from the said balloon and cake.

hey just WHAT IS IT about Bob the Builder that has captured the hearts of many a male two-year-old, i ask you? well, i suppose it IS more, erm, macho than that *cough*gay*cough purple dinosaur we all love to hate.

so do all little boys aspire to be construction workers when they grow up? are they more interesting than white-collar professionals? why isn't there a Derek the Doctor cartoon? or Larry the Lawyer? or Cedric the CEO? or... (ok, i could go on and on here, you get the point.)

he hasn't gotten into thomas the train yet, which i suppose is another, erm, macho symbol (achtung! phallic alert!) of some sort.

ok. i seriously gotta stop thinking too much. (NOT.)

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