Sunday, October 29, 2006


for all that wrestling and smacking and snatching moments between these two, there are also the heartwarming ones.


you gotta wonder, are they really hugging out of brudderly love, or are they about to attempt another body-slam? lol!

i was just looking at the raya pics last year - dadam was a year old, chubbier, and had the same fascination as aniq does now with my uncle's motorbike.

now he's turning two, skinnier, taller, and not too impressed by the bike anymore.

what will aniq be like next raya, i wonder... will he be talking like a mak nenek the way dadam is now? will he be a whole head taller too?

oh gosh.

i GOTTA savour his littleness as much as possible NOW!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

you! tube!

i love youtube.

i love little boys.

i love little boys on youtube.

i never knew watching a baby walking around like a drunken zombie-slash-frankenstein-slash-robot would be so amusing.

it IS, ok!

and you know what else is amusing?

hearing the two boys' grandma go nuts trying to get them NOT to kill each other, lol!

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pirates of the kitchen


i had to move all the knives, cutters, and all other shiny sharp objects to the topmost drawer, but i think it won't be long before he's discovered that either.

to say he's delighted by the treasure trove is an understatement.

grr arrgh.

time to seriously consider that safety gate for the kitchen, perhaps? i don't know why but babies seem to be magically drawn to kitchens, even in other people's houses.

is it the exotic smells of food wafting from the stoves? is it the exciting sounds of pots clanging in the sink? is it the hustle and bustle of strange movements and activities?


uh-huh, yep. that last one must be it.

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Friday, October 27, 2006


i wish i had a skill.

you know, the kind that allows you to quit your boring ol' day-job. the kind that pays the bills, and a bit more. the kind that makes people go "WOW! i wish *i* could do that!". the kind that squeezes the creative juices out of you.

the kind that you actually LOVE doing. so much that you won't call it "work".

i don't have any, clearly.

nope, no sellable, marketable, bankable skill or talent to speak of.

just a little piece of paper with my name, a chop and a signature. how long before that too yellows, dog-ears and disintegrates, i wonder, this paper that validates my so-called ability to earn a meagre bit more from pencil-pushing drudgery.

any suggestions what i can do for more moolah with oomph? surely there's something - anything - i can be good at!

and please ah, don't tell me to stand at a geylang lorong. ah pek look at me also don't want to bargain ok.


ok. going back now. from... work.

ps: as you can tell, i'm suffering from post-holiday blues.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

three in 06

our first raya as a complete family. well, as complete as a family goes, for now - father, mother, child. :)

oh my, the lil one had the time of his life (which is not a stretch, seeing he's only chalked up ten months of life) during the festivities! he thrives in the company of people, and there were many who were happy to take him off our hands everywhere we went. to that, i say a resounding "PHEW". hehe.

it's a little easier now that he's able to toddle by himself. when i feel like he's sliding down, i can just set him on his feet and let him roam for a while while i regain MY balance. and it IS a balancing act, with the raya essentials of heels, hair, handbag, figure-hugging baju (har har), and now, plus a diaper bag and wriggly baby.

since he loves being out and seeing new places and meeting people, raya is needless to say, Very Fun for him.

not too sure if the harried (and ultimately BROKE - is it our imagination or has there been a sharp rise in the number of babies this year??) parents feel the same, though.

but! i know i look forward to seeing my luvlies soon.... on ah, girls? ;)

and ouh, by the way, our new site will be up soon, sans the archives, likely. haiyah, chin chai lah, cannot tahan blogger liao. must evacuate. and no, it won't be on .com. kena bought up liao! kana sai. we'll be on .org.

really... soon... zzzz.

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Monday, October 23, 2006


eve of raya. must prepare him for the songkok-wearing occassion.

wish him (or us?) luck....

oh, and selamat hari raya to whoever's still reading this haha!

don't forget to come by and try aniq's special ketupat ok?

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Sunday, October 22, 2006


bila saya dah besar, saya nak jadi mat drebar.

or the next schumacher?

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


so did you read BH yesterday? with hmm, six more days to raya, they finally came up with a throwaway article about b/feeding during puasa. about keeping at it, not giving up, etc.

and the best advice they could dish out?

"drink lots of water".

like, WOAAAHHH. what earthshattering, groundbreaking, gasp-inducing advice indeed. gee why didn't i think of thaaat. (can you see my eyes rolling?)

ok. enough cynicism.

on a more positive note, the bf thing throughout the fasting month has gone better than we expected. i probably used up all of, er, four? five? bags of my frozen stash so far. i'll have to get around to dumping out all the leftover july ones. i'll stroke them lovingly first, of course.

right. moving on.

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grumblings of a spurned web host client

looks like the new fella who owns the blahdy web hosting company we were parked at has gone MIA. i reckon he's either knocked down by a truck or struck by lightning and lying in hospital in a coma. well, i'm imagining the worst. coz we have NO IDEA WHO/WHERE/WHAT HE IS!! curses and damnation. the fella we used to liaise with no longer owns the thing, and now we're stuck with archives only up to april, which means five months of lost data.

five months of not backing up. REEEAAALLLY smart, us.



but if we ever hear from him (supposedly out of his coma)....

ok, i don't know what kind of threats to hurl at a techie geek (also supposing he is one).

any other techie geeks out there know how we can bypass him to retrieve our data from the main server??

we'll also need to buy a new domain since it's expired. oi, please don't go and buy up ok. unless you are a married couple by the names of izad and hana. if you are, that'd be freaky.

ok! on to other aimless ramblings. (somehow blogspot makes you ramble aimlessly, don't it?)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

77clan + 4

another baby A has arrived!

an addition to our burgeoning 77clan. :)

so now we have aniq... adam... adil... and arshad.

who's up next?? ;D

*blows babydust*

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Friday, October 13, 2006

ten (compressed) months in the life of baby A

hmm, it does seem kinda weird, this ten months gap in entries.

for those who've been stuck in a time warp like this blogspot, it's been quite a while since that tummy exploded. the little wrinkly thing that popped out is now this toddling, babbling, sometimes infuriating but nevertheless adorable being.

seeing that our other blogs are kaput, let me spruce up this blogspot a wee bit to make it more... homely. let's go on a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

right. there's the time he was born, on 10th dec. 3.08kg, 51.5cm. NVD, epi-less.

gah! i never thought i'd say this then, but i actually want this wrinkly version back!

ouh, flabby tummy galore, carrying the wrinkly bundle on the first day at the hospital. and yes, i actually want to go through the whole labour thing again, just to be pampered by the nurses at the hospital. seriously. no, i'm not mad.

within a week, he's all circumsized and my stitch (and half of said tummy flab) miraculously vanished.

a month later, he's already a master at the art of escaping from the dreaded swaddle.

but we found that putting him on his tummy works like a charm...

by the second month, he was our living doll. we played with him, and dressed him up.

and by the end of the second month, he was doing push ups. getting ready for NS!

oh, i should also mention i had a lovely maternity leave that lasted all of five months. half of which was spent, er, mallratting. hehee.

he spent a lot of time snuggling up to me and... my boobs, lol!

the third month was an exciting time coz he started flipping over.

and they call him... Thunder Thighs.

he rolled right through the fourth month.

of course, a lot of his experimenting was done in the mornings in bed with me.

the fifth month, hmm, back to the grinding mill, unfortunately. he had a bout of bottle battle which resolved just in time, and my freezer was full to the brim with packs of white stuff. till now, i'm always armed with my trusted borrowed avent pumps. yes, plural. can't live without 'em.

as for him, well, he just kept growing... and growing...

i think we're lucky that we got such a happy baby. i hope he will always be a happy person. :)

ouhh, that hair! he had a somewhat major haircut in his fifth month. it was heartache for me, but thank gawd no one insisted on shaving his entire head. i'd have died, i think.

by the end of the fifth month, he could sit somewhat.

which brings us to the sixth month. *gasp* so fast, right??

he started his infamous leopard crawls.

he moved about so much, we stopped short of keeping him in a cage. hehe.

by now, the only time i get to wake up with him is on weekends. that's when his eyes are the LARGEST and ROUNDEST, lol!

now where are we? ouh, seventh month!

he did things like swim...

met with other babies...

ate more food...

drank more milk...

oh, and practised standing up!

on to month number eight. his daddy kept trying to dress up like him. hee.

very fun ok.

then it was our anniversary! ok, so we tried spending it alone without the little one, but it didn't last very long. we ended up going home after a quick lunch and a movie, and brought him out. bah.

who'd have thought we'd end up with two strollers within a year? eh, wait, we have two more months before a year, let's hope we don't fall for another stroller till then... help! :D

i think he finally grew a tooth or three the ninth month. hurhur.

i have to mention about dadam and naniq - they're always fighting! haha! they're like complete opposites in personality, just like my brother and i, actually.

omg, are you tired yet?? coz i am! ok ok, just a bit more before we reach the present time.

right, ninth month. he pakpakbingbings and claps on demand.

he tumbletotted and gymboreed.

and it was after one of those sessions when he discovered the joys of pushcarts!

so we got him one, albeit a cheaper version, from ikea. it's one of his favourite playthings.

and now, PHEW, we've reached the tenth month, like finally!

from day one, we still can't figure out who he looks like.

of course, i'm inclined to say he looks more like me, hurhur.

his cheekiness? maybe his daddy, though i doubt that too, hurhurhur.

ok. so that's that.

ten months of aniq.

his latest thing now is... walking lah, duh.

right, next update.

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