Friday, September 30, 2005

the corpse bride

only one thought after the movie.

if victor had consummated the marriage with the corpse bride, wouldn't that be considered... necrophilia?


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Sunday, September 25, 2005

the mission

to bugis we went
in green we were
very little we spent
that's rare to hear

the other in purple
kept mumbling "cikono!"
the solution is simple
we couldn't say no

we went on a mission
in search of some fluff
but after no decision
we left in a huff

looks like we'll resume
on another fine day
and maybe consume
more cikono, hooray!

*cikono: a gelato, real name studio cKono, found at bugis junction, tastes absolutely DIVINE.

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Friday, September 23, 2005


he shoved two recipe books under my nose and told me to pick something i felt like eating.

okaaay. so picked i did: chicken kiev. the picture looked nice enough.

he asked, "you sure or nottttt you will eat? wait i make, you say not nice."

in truth... he didn't get the instructions; it involved toothpicks. heh.

a few other half-hearted suggestions later (which got shot down by him anyway), he made his OWN decision. pfft.

but not before we discussed on the cost- and time-effectiveness of making it himself versus buying it straight from a makcik from a food stall.

again, he made his OWN decision, and to sheng shiong we went...

what did he end up making?

play cheat!

tipah tertipu!

potong-potong, rebus-rebus, kopek-kopek, goreng-goreng only!

but don't want to gadoh-gadoh with you lah. coz it was tasty. and nutritious. and filling.

now... where's my chicken kiev?

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


we celebrated yet another 9/11 birthday...

no themes this time round. we decided we're getting, erm, on with age. heh.

but you age like fine wine lah.

happy birthday, phygirl!

my wish to you is to, hmm... pile a bit more flesh on those skinny bones of yours, please. :D

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Monday, September 05, 2005

once upon a time...

i have a secret formula for telling him stories.

it always begins with "once upon a time... there was a boy... whose name is... dadam!" it's a surefire hit with him, coz upon hearing his name, he'll go "UNH! UNH!", indicating that he knows who i'm talking about and wants to join in the storytelling.

then i'll continue weaving the stories with things he's familiar with. "he likes to see... birds!" and here's his cue to flap his arms. "then, he saw his friends on... the bicycle!" and he goes "unh! unh!" again, coz he remembers seeing the little children downstairs on their bikes. "then, he went on... the bus!" where he'll purse his lips together to make a vibrating sound "mmm, mmm". "and then, his daddy said, adam faiq, put up your hand!" and he'll raise his right arm in a heil hitler fashion.

i'm not kidding, that's his latest trick, the putting up his hand bit. mum thinks it's a pretty good skill to have when he enters primary one and the teacher does a roll call in class. sometimes he doesn't even wait for his dad to finish the sentence and he'll cheekily put his hand up in the air with that very same grin.

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