Tuesday, December 06, 2005

back at one

we're back in business!


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Monday, December 05, 2005

ready, set... grow~

i'm absolutely fascinated by how the body can change so miraculously in nine short months.

i'm grateful for the experience.

i never thought i'd say this, given my former apprehension on procreation, but... i'd think nothing of going through this whole pregnancy thing again.

it's been a breeze.

(of course, my mind's playing a sentimental trick on me now, conveniently forgetting the bout of nausea, eating disorders, sleeping discomforts, etc.)

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

a day in the life of...

ten more days to go before kid A supposedly makes his grand entrance to the world (and i say supposedly because he might very much like his warm little watery coccoon and decide to outstay his welcome).

must must must keep self busy.

so first, there's that little home project that's almost complete...

see, no more prison-like steel bars, hurrah! a little extra space for us to roll around in.

next up in our itinerary for the day: refilling our tanks. barbequed leg of lamb, anyone?

i'm pret-ty sure the scale will show a 12-kg-gain mark by next week.

so, work off that food, we must.

a little rattle and hum should do the trick.

of course, me being the heavily-pregnant woman that i am, chose to sit away from the amps and near the waterfront, where i could bop my head and tap my feet and sway my body from afar in relative comfort. am i a good girl or am i a good girl?

kid A took in all the vibrations in good stead. sorry lil one, but for now, mommy gets to impose her musical tastes on you. you can take a liking to all the punk, rap and whatever crap you like when you hit teenagehood.

the night was still young, it's a saturday, and hey, no point wasting it rotting away at home, right? right!

now, where can we go that's still open til midnight?

why, borders, of course. duh.

25% off on the third book, you know. of course, these were gifts for someone else. but please note that (warning: *unsubtle hint ahead*) kid A tells me, in our special ESP way, that he'd like book gifts too when he's born. hee.

now, who said a heavily-pregnant woman in her ninth month should stay home and wait for those dastardly contractions to come a-knockin'?

a watched kettle never boils, honey.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

in the name of love

meanwhile, should i stay or should i go...?

free standing. that's not very handicapped/elderly/pregnant-women friendly. (yes, we're invariably categorised together as a section of society hampered by physical constraints.)

of course... sitting at a rock concert defeats the whole concept and purpose of rock n roll. or in this case, rattle n hum.

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the dark mark

mum's birthday's in december too, and she's just as vain as me...

she likes, obviously. thanks to the dubai princess for 'importing' it in time.

she was born on the 2nd. i was born on the 8th. kid A is supposed to be born on the 14th.

the pattern?

a 6-day gap in between.

if i were having a girl, it'd be a perfect pattern.

more so if she were to have a mole on top of her lips, just like mum and me (and ouhh, grandma too!). that's our vainpot mark. :D

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Friday, December 02, 2005

house of girth

at 38 weeks. measured the girth or circumference of my waist...

100cm. that's like... one whole, entire metre. the end point of the measuring tape.

if i were a tree, i'd be 40 years old, according to tree trunk calculation.

i just want to last up to 40 weeks, thank you very much.

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m&b mag

now, if only i could get paid for my services...

hope i don't look too ghastly and turn off all potential mothers.

of course, if they *do* purchase the publication, it'd be too late for them to turn back. heh.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

bun in the oven

yes, you would have heard the groundbreaking, earthshattering news by now.

it's december and a Birth Day is coming up. my vacation leave has officially begun. hurrah!

meanwhile, the other blog's a complete mess at the moment. gah.

contractors are in the house working on the balcony.

and contractions... well, they're still not too bad. *phew*

are we in full bloom yet?

hold on till eighth december, lil one!

* pics from raya, raya and... a shower, if you've missed them.

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