Wednesday, June 30, 2004


haha, so we didn't get to squat at the roadside with the flies, but we were almost there. just a plate of white rice for dinner, yo...

anyway, once we were at coffee bean (is that HC? oops) my throat felt a little funny. by the time i reached home, my body was achy. by the time i went to bed, i was shivery. by the middle of the night, my body was burning with fever. yikes.

so my good doctor gave me two days mc.

wonder what was in the white rice that made me sick.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

makcik-makcik celoteh

hari ni kita berfeeling minah, quite menyampah with myself entah kenapa, so nak tukar style bobal sikit. amacam, rock tak? i think izad mesti suka. dia kata i ni bobal kengkadang dia tak paham. kental.

ha, kita tau korang suka sangat tengok makanan, kan? i ada this auntie tau, dia ni suka sekali makanan - memasak dan memakan. anak dia pun badan macam ha engkau, pasal mak dia selalu masak best-best. tapi eh, nasi dengan telur kicap pun dia bedal, actually.

every saturday kan, my mother punye family semua take turn to play host, just to gather-gather and jumpa nenek ngan tok. ah siap lah makcik-makcik i tu semua masak. tapi kalau this auntie nurain i punya turn yang masak, i confirm bawak si izad turun rumah dia to makan.

ah, hari tu, aiseyman, italian nite, you! dia masak pasta, satu pinggan besao.

auntie i ni kalau masak, semua from scratch. and pasta ni tak rasa macam yang makcik-makcik jualan punya tau, kan dorang selalu masak pasta rasa macam mee goreng letak spaghetti? ni dia ikut style italian punye, letak basil, herbs, entah apa gebenda lain lah. dia dulu training kat hotel, masak apa pun boleh. time i punye bertday hari tu, dia lah yang buatkan i punye kek. kalau nak order, sila sila, hubungi saya, kasi awak good price.

ah, cakap pasal order-order makanan eh, my FIL nak bukak bisnes, insyaallah. bisnes satay tau. izad punye family ni well-known for their satay jugak, gemok-gemok dan kuahnye lazat. hari tu pakcik dia keluar kat sunday times, tunjuk satay dia. so, since my FIL ni kan dah retire dari arena persekolahan, dia nak jadi manager pulak lah, run family bisnes katakan. my mother dengar, dia pon nak tolong. kita cakap, mummy nak tak cucuk satay? satu cucok dapat 3 sen, satu hari buat seribu cucok. dia ketawa kekek-kekek, my mother. dia tengah imagine lah tu macam mana dia nak abiskan cucok seribu satay. my father dengar pun dia interested tau! lagi my mother ketawa kekek-kekek, pasal my father tu mata dia semakin tua semakin blur. izad kata bila my father drive, dia naik seram, pasal mata dia dah tak awas sangat. eh, btw eh, my arwah MIL pon dulu cucuk satay, expert tau, boleh dapat seribu lima ratus satu hari. anyway, nanti kalau korang nak satay, kita boleh deliver kat rumah you all lah. special nyer, kasi awak good price.

eh, cakap pasal good price, semalam i takde kerje, pegi drive to town sorang-sorang, buat kepo kat mango sale yang dilanda singapura. bukan satu kedai jer, DUA i pergi. pasal kat lido tu kan ada dua branch, jadi satu kedai takde size, pegi jer the next one. boleh cuba try dua kali. queue pon tak panjang berjela-jela sangat. ok lah, tergiler sikit i dibuatnye carik seluar, 50% off pulak tu. i suka sekali mango pants. alah, yang singkat-singkat nye, macam ah-soh pegi pasar gitu. maklumlah, i ni bukan lah tinggi lampai, so nak carik seluar peh susah. fed up.

oh, i pon ada rounding-rounding cari kasut, tapi kan, i ni kalau nak beli kasut, cerewet semacam, boleh muntah darah kalau ikut i carik kasut. nasib baik ko tak ikut, fina! kalau nak tau, i ni practical sangat kalau pilih kasut. yang itu tak kena, yang ini tak kena. in the end, i went back to the first shop i masuk and beli jugak satu. kaler pink pulak tu, hehe.

tapi kan, i rasa kasut ni lagi kiut lah.

kasut nye fifah! fifah, asal takde saiz akak?

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Sunday, June 27, 2004


our "LC" hawker fare at east coast food village on a packed friday night. the girls as usual couldn't decide what to eat despite their famished states. so satay it was.

but oops, we couldn't stay away from our "HC" calling. the gelare waffles tempted us like a devil at hell's gate. but it WAS the smallest size there was, and us three girls shared. *pouts* the three boys merely looked on without so much as batting an eyelid.
ooh, did i say three boys? coz yes, we each had a partner that night. *winks at ayu* we must teach her how to drive baby kel all the way to changi village next.... and say, will there be a in the making? stay tuned to find out. hur hur.

we never got round to enrolling ourselves in Vainpots Anonymous. bleagh. :p
the very next afternoon, the vain trio had a mission to accomplish. we came, we saw, we conquered... arab street. (what did you think, the Mango sale?) and silly us entered the battlefield without sustenance beforehand. oh, the damage. reminder: girls on totally empty, growling stomachs on a shopping quest = BAD.
we were supposed to find comely material for our bridesmaid 'uniform'. did i hear kendarats? hmph! oh, and we're still contemplating on whether we should upstage the bride. heh.

unfortunately, *someone* got us all sidetracked into looking at other materials. and we each ended up purchasing material totally unrelated to the bridesmaid's dress. yikes. there is certainly damage to be had when hungry girls go hunting at a stretch of road lined with kains galore. FOCUS, girls, FOCUS!

no, she didn't end up getting this. and no, we didn't end up getting the one below either. coz the bridesmaidzillas had an "LC" budget. :(

the final outcome? gotta wait till august 04. ouh, the suspense.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

F.A.Q version 1.0

we have the answers to your burning questions. ho hum.


Q) eh, which blog should i go to now? or

A) if doesn't work (refer to 'Status' on top right hand corner) and you are itching from curiosity to find out the latest happenings of izad and hana, then go to if your memory capacity does not enable you to remember this very mind-boggling blogspot URL (ie. or if you do not grasp the concept of "bookmarking", you may refer to and click on "Izadhana Poor" under the links section. it is optional to thank the owner via her tagboard for providing this convenience to you. however, if both blogs are working, continue visiting as it is a paid site and should therefore be fully utilised.

Q) which one should i link?

A) either, neither, both. really. we're not fussy.

Q) but why is your moveabletype always down?

A) the problem, we repeat, has NOTHING to do with moveabletype, as this is merely a weblog publishing software. the problem lies with the frequent virus attacks on the crappy host server, which izad has chosen due to its low fee of $4.166 per month. the purpose of this server is to upload the moveabletype blog and our tons of photos for your viewing pleasure, the personalised domain name, as well as other useful features. these require a sizeable amount of space, bandwidth, etc. but let's not go into details.

Q) then why don't you stick to blogger since it's FREE? and not to forget, rare downtimes.

A) because we like our domain name and our moveabletype very much. boo hoo. but also because with moveabletype, you can interact more effectively with the 'Recent Comments' feature not found in blogger. you can find pertinent information in the archive section with moveabletype's 'Search' function also not found in blogger. furthermore, treasured milestones in izadnhana's life are contained in our moveabletype archive. moving to blogger would mean... starting without history. bleagh.


Q) hana, why do you eat and eat but you don't grow fat?

A) skipping meals, especially during breakfast AND lunchtime at work, is a bad habit for hana. seriously. the pictures of her eating are only a facade, as she enjoys socialising over food more than the actual act of eating itself. furthermore, as hinted at in her previous post on fashion tips to looking decevingly not fat, hana *does* possess tummy bumps, flabs and cellulite due to a non-existent exercise regime, but which she carefully conceals. however, her 1.52m, 43kg frame is STRICTLY HEREDITARY. so please forgive her, blame her mother, or refer to a DNA specialist for further enlightenment.

Q) so when are you moving house?

A) the house still needs some work, and we won't move till we're fully satisfied and ready to do so. we do not have any offical date in mind, but when we do, would you help us with the packing and moving? no? we guessed not. so meanwhile, we'll take our own sweet time and get back to you on that. our babycolt has been carting our belongings bit by bit to and fro, as we are too lazy to pack/unpack everything in one go (and too cheapskate to hire a professional mover). mummy and daddy aren't hustling us out anyway. in fact, i think they secretly want us to be around their house forever.

Q) are you pregnant? / when are you getting pregnant? / when will you start having babies? / quick make babies! etc.

A) and you thought the gahmen was the busybody one, forcing people to go forth and procreate like rabbits. turns out, bloggers too have been brainwashed by the gahmen. newsflash: babymaking is a private issue. raising babies require a couple to be prepared not only financially, but also emotionally, spiritually, and physically. that's a LOT of preparation, eh? besides, we're not THAT bored of each other yet.

Q) where is hara tim sum?

A) hara hong kong tim sum is located along upper bukit timah, amongst the stretch of food stalls including al-ameen, opposite beauty world, near ngee ann polytechnic.

hmm. why do i get the feeling we're going to get asked the same questions again....?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a sorta fairytale with you

fairy tale, you say? :)


meet Cinderella.

she'd recently bought a toilet floor brush and proceeded to attack her two bathrooms with zest, armed with a cleaning potion with a curious name, Jif. but alas, she has been cursed by a wicked witch of the East. upon being reduced to a chambermaid, she transforms into Grumpy the dwarf. (dwarfess? dwarfette?)

while she scrubs the tiles of the plaster-strewn chambers, she would turn up the hi-fi volume to her favourite cd, only to have it changed to another cd by her partner, prince charming. her grumpy doppelganger emerges from the depths of her gentle soul, hurling abuse at the hapless prince charming, who then slinks off to slouch at the sofa, getting himself transfixed to an evil electronic appliance exhibiting men in shorts kicking about on a muddy pitch. he would occasionally move about the living room with a mop, his eyes glued to the screen, bewitched.

Grumpy continues to nag... grumpily, as she steadfastly continues her laborious household tasks, her back bending, squatting to reach every stained and marred corner. the blister on her right index finger threatens to be permanently tattooed on, a red reminder of her destiny as a chambermaid forevermore.

she chides and barks orders at the prince charming who, in his trance-like, zombified mode, lost all his charming qualities.

when he breaks his gaze away from the mind-numbing screen action, Grumpy takes the opportunity to bemoan the fact that sweeping is a ridiculous waste of time, and makes her otherwise-dormant sweat glands hyperactive. seeing her sweat like a pig on a spitfire, prince c. suggests that Grumpy remove her clothings, just as he and his neanderthal-like brethren normally do while mopping/vacuuming/etc. she was appalled, and grumpily points out that the windows are all bare, with not a single thread of curtain hanging upon the sills. she too brings to his attention that passers-by exiting the lifts yonder are greeted by a grand view of the masterbedroom through the naked window.

he would merely snicker at her sound logic, and scuttle off to continue watching the men in shorts.

the end.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

bows and arrows

i don't know how the confusion began, it's a pretty easy concept, really. MOVEABLETYPE DOWN (*makes thumb sign downwards*), BLOGSPOT UP (*makes thumb sign upwards*). it's there in my second ever entry here.

hmm, must put up less photos, coz i suspect i'm making people plain lazy to actually READ my explanations. here i am, pondering over my choice of words and twist in sentences, but the efforts are, *sob*, sadly futile. or heck, maybe i should just put up nothing BUT photos, to save me the trouble of exercising my brains. i'll just store away my love for the written word in a dusty corner, to be used nevermore. sigh.

ok, dramas aside.

so anyway, i thought, let's confuse you guys even more by adding an entry here that's NOT in (plus, since i write like crap here anyway, i think blogspot shalt now be my crapspot.)

now, someone suggested putting up a Singles Gallery on our blog, you know, play cupid and all. i mean, friendster and all those testimonials aren't exactly helpful, are they? and what better way to 'sell' someone than by word-of-mouth through a VE-RY reliable third party? (ie. yours truly, heh.)

i've even acquired one brave taker for a spot in the Gallery. a very promising young thang. but hey, i will need at least a bunch of you Singles out there to get this rolling, right?

so, don't shy-shy, all you beautiful single people. email hana if you're game. hur hur.

ps: btw, if there is no Singles Gallery by the end of the month, it means no one actually READ this entry, so no one actually sent their pics, and thus, i've proven my point that people are plain lazy readers. pbfft! :p

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Monday, June 21, 2004


new template and layout by fizures! *clap clap*

and if you look closely, you'll even see hana's mole.

thank you babe. the suckao treat was well worth it, hehe.

meanwhile, our normal blog is up, so comments go there, aye...

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

the simple life

it has come to my attention that this blog has been featuring, ahem, "HC places", and everyone has been seemingly over-indulging in, ahem, "good food". discount the fact that:
- hara tim sum is not what you would call swanky
- we munch on mcdonald's burgers like every other normal people
- we travel all the way to boon keng hawker center for sup kambing
- we brave the sweaty desker road for naan
- that 50-cent cheaper nasi lemak stall is very much our preferred choice
- etc.

so i've proposed a bit of roadside dining with the other tai-tais, and they were up for it. a bit of squatting, with a bowl of white rice, and a glass of tap water, perhaps. oh and some flies from the nearby dustbin would set the mood right too. splendid. *smacks lips*

hey if paris hilton can live it down, so can we. LOL!

meanwhile, a quiet father's day was spent at neither a "HC" nor "LC" eatery. did i mention fish head curry? ah, yes.

it was either apollo or muthu's curry. they're along the same road, so we tried the latter, coz erm, it just looked more intriguing.

cozy ambience, and oh, the heady waft of spices in the air. we went round the place like typical singaporean tourists in india, ooh-ing and aah-ing, taking photos with the dazed chefs, for heaven's sake. and we eyed like starved tabby cats at those fat prawns.

the curry, according to izad, was not "pedas" enough, but very tasty nonetheless. service was good too. case in point, the waiter kept asking if we (or i) wanted anything else. and when we said we wanted "to pay", he brought us "toothpicks" instead. hehe.

i was curious when the boys ended their meal by folding their banana leaves like it was the most natural thing to do. abah confirmed that this was indeed a cultural norm for the indians. this coming from a javanese man. :)

after conferring where to head to next, the boys settled for tahui at selegie. i know! don't we ever get enough of beancurd?? this time i admit, the *hot* tahui is truly delish, coz it's super fresh from the... beancurd-making thingy. looking at the queue, you KNOW we're not the only tahui-crazed fans in singapore.

and guess what, you foodies, right smack beside this tahui stall is a bunz shop! how clever.

we almost sat in the dark back alley of the tahui stall. very LC, you know. but we were upgraded to the back of the shop upon vacancy. awww. hur hur.

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oops i did it again

our quickie trip to great world city was meant for household-item window-shopping. but the roving eyes of a girl let loose in a mall tugged her magnetically towards retail shops that were totally unrelated to the household. oops.

etc. (not shown here)

*bats eyelashes at the husband* hey i need footwear! they're good for, er, my feet. and that shirt is cute. you said so yourself. hee.

oh, as for household items...


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Saturday, June 19, 2004

balcony scene

come night time, we bask in the gentle breeze and serene view from the balcony.

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon
Who is already sick and pale with grief

but if any romeo wannabes try to be funny and spiderman his way up our second-floor balcony, he'll be greeted by me with a broomstick.

meanwhile, am still sick and pale with grief over the demise of the movabletype blog. resurrect quick, you twit. *grumble*

we'll be out with izad's dad for a father's day treat. i think the boys crave for some fish head curry.

damn, i write like crap here. ta.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

senorita, i feel for you

fashion tips for looking or feeling skinnier than you really are, from a non-fashionista (no relation to

1) big butt?
- the word is 'hipsters'. be it pants, jeans, or skirts. (bermudas and culottes are no-nos. avoid at all cost.)
- alternatively, find a boyfriend/husband/lover who is a "butt" person. ie, one who appreciates the fine art of ample derrieres. this will allow you freedom in booty-flaunting.

2) bumpy tummy?
- do NOT tuck shirt in.
- ensure pants or skirts do not have bulky buttons or zips on the front. flat-fronted pants and skirts preferable.
- knickers/thongs should sufficiently cover and support bumpy tummy area.
- when sitting, keep in upright position. slouching is bad and tummy folds are unflattering.
- alternatively, find a boyfriend/husband/lover who has a bumpier tummy than you. walking beside him will make you feel instantly skinnier.

3) mosquito bites for boobs?
- padded bras, one of the greatest modern invention for womenkind. t-shirt bras highly recommended. (note: bust curve necessary to offset big butt and create an illusion of smaller waistline.)
- alternatively, find a boyfriend/husband/lover who is not a "boob" person. ie, is a "butt" person.

4) wide hips?
- see (1).
- alternatively, find a boyfriend/husband/lover who desires many offsprings, so child-bearing hips will be fully justified.

5) flabby arms?
- avoid sleeveless tops, halter tops, spaghetti-straps, tube-tops, togas, etc. unless worn in accompaniment with cardigan or see-through shirt.
- invest only in cap-sleeves, short-sleeves, three-quarter-sleeves, long-sleeves.
- alternatively, borrow boyfriend/husband/lover's shirts. for that rugged "i have a boyfriend/husband/lover and i'm so skinny and cute that i can fit into his shirt" look.

more fashion tips to looking or feeling skinnier than you really are? the non-fashionista is here to help.

*disclaimer: 100% success in looking or feeling deceivingly skinny not guaranteed.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

"honey, i'm home!"

a sight greeted me when i came home from the drudgery of work.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

back... for now.

ok server's back up, though a tad slow. hmph.

leave all your luvly comments there!

coz i luv 'em comments.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

potty over potter

finally a movie date with the other tai-tai wannabes. ouh my, harry is such cutie now. must say this was quite an exciting version, though as most purists, i preferred reading the book. knowing the entire plot like the back of my hand kind of diluted the pleasure of watching it, coz i knew what was going to happen. but it was a good thing for nat, coz she had me to narrate to her throughout the entire show. hmph. LOL!

magic mirror

as usual, more trigger-happy moments. you must be rather sick of seeing our faces all the time. must enrol selves in Vainpots Anonymous.

ok. i don't feel like my normal self writing in blogger. I WANT MY MOVABLETYPE BACK! *wail*

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in case of emergency

the influeix server is DOWN again, damn server. i think we should make this an in-case-of-server-down blog. tag away!

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Friday, June 04, 2004

are you gonna go my way...

did you get lost and typed

well you typed wrong.

we're here, really.

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