Sunday, December 31, 2006

yessir, yessir, three bags full

selamat hari sembelih baa baa black sheep, everibodeee!

before i go to the mosque, lemme practise my sujud first.

eh, where did my songkok go...?


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we finally got off our big fat lazy bums and started on that project.

i surprised myself, and even more, the Hausbern, by painting a good part of the room. (and showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder.)

he said i could quit my day job.

he suggested that i start a business, like those girls in bikinis washing cars, but instead i'd be painting houses.

he gave me a pat on the back and took evidence of me getting down and dirty.

he said tak sia-sia kawin dengan bini pandai cat rumah. hurhur.

yeah i'm afraid we're not adventurous AT ALL when it comes to interior decorating and chose a very safe (and boring) wall colour for a playroom - some lemon yellow thingy.

i KNOW! it looks almost the same as the other rooms in the house, right? ha ha! (this room, btw, used to be mocha-coloured, too dark for a playroom.)

we figured, wellll, there'll be sooo many gaudy toys filling it aaaanyway, so let's not over-stimulate the fella with something too bright. and we didn't want a room that stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of the house.

erm. ok ok, bad excuse. we're just really not bold or imaginative enough. :p

the lil bub was deposited at his oma's so we could paint in peace. you can imagine the chaos if he'd been around. he'd be splashing in the paint and doing some body art of his own, i can tell you that.

being the amateurs that we are, we took a whole blahdy day and i think, four coats of paint (?) to finish up this tiny room.

tangan cramp, beb. sayang anak punye pasal. hrmph.

our work being done, a lil celebratory drink was due.


"ouhh yeah, stuff your twenty-cent coins in my pants please..."

ps: his takings of twenty-cent coins were spent at the pekak-nak-mampos kiddy rides near our table.

we've now taken to using objects to physically shield from his vision any kiddy rides along our path. but, um, usually he's the first to spot them from a mile away. pantang tengok tu benda. apa yang best sangat? macam lah tak pernah naik kereta.

maybe we should find one of those things and install it in his playroom.

dua posen mari!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

you don't know jack!

we'd been to m/a/d j/a/c/k's at the bt timah outlet once, and were so unimpressed by the so-so food and lukewarm service that we never bothered to travel all the way there a second time.

then we heard about the second outlet at jln kayu and since we were on the TPE, we thought of giving it another try. (and if we were still unsatisfied, we could just bedal the famous prata next door.)

there weren't too many people, so niQiboy had the whole toy area to himself.

it's not much, mostly bits of toys that don't work, and board games for older kids, and it was kinda awkwardly located, right in the path to the sink and toilet. (imagine the germs that get transferred along the way to the children sitting on the floor. sheesh.) but it was enough to keep him occupied, for a while anyway.

there's a fussball table, also awkwardly located, right in the middle of the room, not very conducive for a loud game as it would distract the surrounding diners.

but bad feng shui aside, the food here was slightly better than the one at bt timah. and they didn't make us get our own utensils like the one there! they placed a whole bunch of it on every table for self-serve instead. pandai pun.

so how, niQiboy? what's your rating for this place?

"can i have some prata, please...?"

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Friday, December 29, 2006

last kopek

ok, before december REALLY ends, just a few more last pics of december celebrations that ensued. ok? can lah. you don't mind seeing more babies, right?? err.

anyway. there was harith's first birthday, but he was a lil grumpy-wumpy when we were there.

sms: "i jumpa u lambat sikit, kena layan tamu dulu ler..."

the other babies present were in a perky mood though. dapat izadnhana berfeeling anak tiga.

eh eh, nak pegang tangan dengan cheerleader ajer...

and niQiboy, umm, sorta terrorised them. sorry, mak mak tertentu! :S

ouhh, this is just like my stacking rings...

then there was camellia's first. to my dismay, she already has SO MANY TOYS, so our gift would just add to the clutter. haii. should've given her something else. like, hmm, a spa voucher or something.

some say they look alike. big eyes and fluttery lashes! ni baru gegerr.

ok dah. no more birthdays and parties for the year.


(wait, new year's eve party considered this year or next year..?)

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

77 turns <3

little did they know, they were to become great bosom buddies (in more ways than one ha ha).

through three weddings, three pregnancies, four babies (of the two-legged and four-wheeled kinds, heh), many birthdays, various hairstyles, fluctuating bra and belly sizes, and countless hugs and laughter.

it seems like we've known each other much longer, somehow.

we still harbour dreams of going into business together, with each of us having our own individual 'talent'. ;p

maybe some day.

but one thing's for sure - our promo flyers and posters SURE HAVE OUR PICTURES ONE! wuaahaaa.


how, can sell or not...?

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

tandoori, tea or me?

on kismis eve, i visited the President of the Union of Bambinos at his house. it was so high up, i thought we'd climbed jack's beanstalk!

i was almost right. there were golden roosters at the top...

and not to mention a Giant (Toddler).

ouh, my brudder Tahuiboy came along too.

but it took a while before he warmed up and joined the Giant and me.

me? my engine is always running lah. the only time it stalls is when i fall asleep. teehee.

thankyew unkle moby and unty trin for feeding us hungry people!

maybe next time mummy - err, i mean, DADDY will cook up a storm in our tiny kitchen. but mummy said, before we can invite any more people for proper sit-down lunch/dinner parties, we seriously need to buy nicer dining plates, and get rid of our current dining table which she doesn't like very much. (i suspect this is an excuse for her to shop.)

anyone wants a superheavyduty yellow marble dining table for FREE?? she's feeling very santa claus.

meanwhile, multiply and be merry... ho ho ho!

(eh. kismis day over already ah?)


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Monday, December 25, 2006


"i'm... dreaming of a white.... christmas..."

eh, salah - wedding lah!

we were very makan ajar guests and came as per instruction on the wedding card.

'attire: white', it said.

if i could turn back the clock, i'd make all the guests at MY wedding wear white too. nice right??

very suci TAK berdebu. ;)

even this baby makan ajar one. he almost stole the limelight, ok, this boy. he's also a Kid A you know! :)

one stray guest who tak makan ajar *looks at farah*... tsk. :p

the other Kid A, aka Niqi Boy (as his daddy has been calling him), was Missing In Action that evening. our outfits wouldn't stay white very long otherwise.

anyway, twas a lovely wedding, lydia, you radiant bride you. nine years together, you guys?! wow.

oh, and happy birthday!

btw, groom's white adidas shoes not in picture.

(and to think i 'scolded' the Husband for wearing his white sneakers instead of proper formal shoes. rupanye Husband esah pon sama jugak. you Husbands got separate cards with instructions also is it??)

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

rockstar, cont'd...

where we went eventually was to the kiddy salon to give the bub a haircut.

he was given a pink sash and the friendly aunty went "ahh, good gerr..."

"whatcha call me? GERR??"

so we KNOW his haircut was timely since aunty has mistaken his gender. ha ha!

weii, no more gegerr now ok.

rock star, baybeh.

"where are the chicks?"

but, erm, in the meantime, please hor, lay off the purple dinosaur, can...?

very tak rock star.


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like bapak, like anak...?

"can i have some hair gel too?"

"nevermind what team, i look good in red. ahem!"

"the only difference between daddy and me is... i play with the ball waaaay more than him. (that lazy bum, teehee.)"

"nak pergi mana ni, izad?"

nowadays, if you ask him, "ANIQ! mana izad??", he'll turn, scan the room, and point at his daddy.

and occassionally, he'll get sick of being asked and point to some other male adults.

mum tried out another question on him the other day.

"ANIQ! mana nana??" he turned, scrunched up his face and pointed at me.

on first-name basis dengan mak bapak, nampak?

haii, ni lah budak-budak new-age sekarang ye...

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Saturday, December 23, 2006


the tenth of december is a very auspicious day, you know.

last year, i was born.

exactly a year later, my latest cousin was born. wow, maybe next year we can celebrate our birthdays together! what say you, newbie?

ouhh, he's a baby A too. anaqy, i think, that's what they're calling him. he has his mummy's features, and his daddy's complexion. (further proof to mum's theory that baby boys tend to look more like their mothers. then again, my mummy ni pandai-pandai only...)

also, on the day i was born last year, this aunty got married.

my, what a big balloon you have there, aunty!

needless to say, mum and dad couldn't make it to their wedding though i think it'd have been a REALLY grand entrance for me if they did, ha ha.

i dunno why, but unkle nazir has been calling himself my 'bapak mertua' for a while now. is it something like 'burung kakaktua', maybe?

pic taken by unkle nazir's huge-ass cam... eh, why am i always pictured sweaty and nekkid ah??

well, that balloon under the aunty's dress popped, so we went to visit baby marsya.

assalamualaikumm, boleh masok tak?

ouhh, aunty rairai came along to see the baby too. she ah, crazy about babies one. she ah, cannot see babies, sure romos one. i think she needs some form of rehab...

mummy (and apparently aunty rai) was taken by the nice painting in baby marsya's room. look! so pweeety.

ok lah aunty, you ALSO pweety ok? hurhur.

then, they took out their OTHER baby. now THIS one i like! (coz human babies are sooo for aunties, and not for toddlers like me.)

come hereee... no no, i'm not The Cat Terroriser.. really....

so big hor? i bet if aunty ayu was there, she'd jump up on the sofa and become hysterical. (but not in a tom cruise kind of way lar, hehee.)

and here's something else i like... somebody feeding me ACTUAL food for a change!


tsk tsk. unkle azim, you are so notty.

why you never give me more??

so (since i'm REALLY sleepy now) that concludes my story.

till the next tenth december... who'll be born then, i wonder?

(err, mummy, why are you staring at aunty rai and unkle azim like that...?)

slot in some coins please...


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izad&hana . born nineteen seventy seven . soulmates after seven years apart . radiohead + smashingpumpkins + londonsuede . through-thick-and-thin . ben&jerrys + gadgets + dvds . culmination of <3 in one aniq izhan .