Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"and we kissed as the sky fell in..."

currently in my Cure mood these days. for now, it doesnt get any better than a lone drive in babycolt, with robert smith et al circa '89 - '92. there's just *something* about that longing in his voice and those oh-so-bittersweet songs, that inexplicably speaks to my sometime-wistful soul.

and this quote on the sleeve of their 'wish' album that struck me once upon a time.

"we look before and after, and pine for what is not; our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught; our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought..." - Shelley

thanks to that HP ad, 'pictures of you' plays in my head (and cd player) in loops.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

failed attempts

three of us traveled all the way to buona vista CC to look for two young entrepreneurs at a flea market to give them our "consumer support", but ack! we couldn't find them! *sniff*

the fancy map emailed to me had this cute lil pink arrow pointing to the *inside* of the CC, but i didn't see the words "lantern festival", which was, erm, probably at the blocks behind the CC...

i guess i'm not very good with maps. :S

so since we had to put our half-hour coupon to good use, we tottered over to holland v... and ended up ooh-ing at a quaint lil trinket shop (ooh danglies! beaded bags!). then went slightly ape at lim's arts & crafts. gak! all those pretty things to clutter one's house with!

a half-hour didn't manage to incur a lot of damage, though. just this bridal-ish bouquet i just couldn't resist.

yes, it's plastic. no real flowers for me please. coz you know what happened to the pot of REAL bougainvilleas we had at our balcony? frizzled to a crisp. crispier than keropok. i spent a good ten minutes snipping off the dead, dried flowers. so it's botakvilleas for now.

which brought me to think about the injustice of why the roads, expressways and overhead bridges in singapore are rampant with unkempt bougainvilleas blooming away brightly like there's no tomorrow, and i can't keep ONE pot of it alive??


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Monday, September 20, 2004


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Friday, September 10, 2004

satu dua kucing berlompat

pada minggu lalu
datang tiga tetamu
satu nama rinos satu nama ayu
yang last nama esah aka kucing bermutu

dalam segan silu
mereka pun menjamu
mata kucing dibuat oleh suamiku
membuat semua menjilat sudu

sambil ku menjamu
tiba tiba si kucing tersedu
"eh si dektu world lah!" tersedak terus aku
lepas tu kucing pun tertidor di bantal baldu

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

a tooth for a tooth

do you know that toothbrushes can make music? it's magic!

ok, so it's 'made-in-china' technology, but they were so cute i just had to dig six bucks out of my pocket for three of these (no, NOT for me, izad and our imaginary pet bunny). when little teeth are being brushed sideways with the brush, it's silent (except for the sound of bristles against enamel). but brush 'em up and down and voila! it tinkles to the tune of 'it's a small world after all'.

damn irritating, but cute.

ouh and there was even a free strawberry-flavoured toothpaste in the goodie bags at the seminar, so i pilfered a few. these will have 'em kids brushing till their teeny pearlies sparkle. or till their gums bleed, whatever. hee.

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

raising arizona

progress report on money plant: excellent

our plant has been stretching itself skywards and the soil seems perpetually moist, that it might just lull me into believing i have green thumbs, fingers and toes after all. i've never tried growing any green living thing other than beansprouts and mould, so this really is progress.

and now he's brought back not one, but TWO more to take care of.

i believe that *points to sprouty-looking leaves* is a pandan plant and that *points to skinny-looking stems* is a chilli plant.

they were uprooted right from the garden at his workplace. he even took the trouble of buying proper plastic pots to house them in.

i hope he doesn't try to be ambitious and bring back one of the rabbits from the garden that's been multiplying themselves like, erm, rabbits. coz he's been telling me about them rabbits a lot.

suuuuuure, go ahead. if you enjoy seeing furry animals jumping off our second-storey balcony for sport, why not aye...

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

turning twentyseven

twas a low-key midnight celebration, complete with seventy-cents candles from mustaffa centre and a chocolate swirl cheesecake baked by the famous baker, ms sara lee. (no confettis please, it'll mess up the house and all.)

"world peace", he says before blowing out the candles. :p

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