Friday, July 23, 2004

hello kitty

feeling.... cutesy. hur hur. MIAO, purrr.

thanks, widz! :)

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Friday, July 09, 2004


*rolls dice*

go back to Start.

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the word is out....

it's a... BOY.


so there goes my mother-to-be glow and non-glow theory, out of the window. heh. can i still keep the peanut m&ms?

my eyes are *still* bloodshot and now i've developed an itchless rash (paradox?), so i've ceased all intake of pills, antibiotics, cough syrups, etc. drugs = bad. so my online nurses, pleeze don't make me take 'em drugs no more! *HACK HACK HOCK HOCK HRRRK PTOOI* mm, yellow phlegm. lovely.

updates on the homefront: spent a good part of the day unpacking my semi-unused clothes (categorised under 'knits', 'sleeveless', 'long sleeves'), refolding the husband's shirts (while he was HAPPILY watching 'fight club' on dvd, grr argh), discarding assortments of junk (ticket stubs, nail polish, IS magazines). things are looking pret-ty a-ok, especially with the curtains up now. and the FIL took us out shopping, hurrah. hello, rice cooker and steam iron. spiffy.

and aha, next weekend will be The Day. the big M-O-V-E.

erm, not like we have much to move, really. just one huge four-poster queen-size bed and a bookshelf.

eh, btw... both of which are WHITE you know! ;p


meanwhile, hana thinks hard how to keep little children away from the sofa and, erm, everything else around the house during the imagined housewarming event. leash? straightjacket, you say, darling? *rubs chin*

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

sugar and spice... and everything nice

who would've thought that what was intended as merely a cheeky tribute to her favourite blogger friends could stir such a controversy... lol!

heh. do we *seriously* believe for a second that we are indeed, ahem, the 35 most chio girls in this volatile virtual community? heck no. but we do believe we're some of naura's favourite blogger friends. :) if only we knew what she would do with the pictures she naughtily nicked from us, perhaps we could've persuaded her to change it to "Naura's 35 Most Favourite Bloggers". no contesting there, right? ;)

and really, all those cliches like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "beauty is only skin-deep" - ah, all applies here. memang betul kan? kalau tak betul, takkan jadi cliche? as you can clearly see, the girls here are of all shapes and sizes and colours and personalities. they *must* be beautiful to at least one other person in the world, or if not, at least to Him who created these beings.

so i say, girls - and yes, boys - take things in the blogworld (especially when it doesn't concern you) with a pinch of salt, pepper and other condiments. coz really, hmm does it REALLY matter who thinks who's pretty, who's HC, who's smart, who's cool, etc? is there really need to be vindictive and catty, now? there there, let's get on with "guarding the side of our own skirt", as they say.

and this whole comical "beauty queen" show, really, i don't think the girls who weren't shortlisted even care or lost any sleep over it. the ones who appeared may not be potentials, maybe they're not worthy of that hyperbolic "jambu" title. but they're amused at it, they had a good laugh. coz it's mindless fun. (erm, if it's mindful, where's the fun in that? bleagh.)

"Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they want to have fun"

-cyndi lauper, circa 1983 (still relevant 21 yrs on, heh)

annex: candidate #4's blogre entry. big, green and monstrous. ho hum.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

girl talk

the SIL will be going for the big scan tomorrow at GH. to find out the gender of their firstborn.

mum goes, "i agak girl."
dad goes, "i nak girl!"

woah. do you want fries with that, sir? heh. so excited they are.

i have a feeling it'll be a girl too. she's been craving and eating sweet things, and gaining very noticeable, erm, flesh around the hips... and everywhere else. she said her acne's getting worse too. hmm. i notice that mothers-to-be's complexion tend to glow and clear up if the baby's a boy, but not so if it's a girl. something about the mother passing down her beauty (her mojo??) to her daughter. if that's the case... i'm gonna want boys, please. so i can retain whatever... mojo i have in the first place. (ouh, i hope i won't pass down my selfish trait either, hehe.)

speaking of which, the thing i like about being sick, other than getting to SLEEP a whole lot, is that my complexion behaves very well (probably due to that whole lotta SLEEP). i think the antibodies are too busy fighting off evil viruses invading my body, that they forget their trivial everyday tasks of annoying me, like secreting excess oil, playing peek-a-boo with zits, etc.

ok, back to my SIL. she was involved in an accident a few weeks back actually, while she was driving. she came out alright, but the poor baby vios (which came a month later than baby colt) got it bad, and it's been in the workshop for a while. they suspect an insurance scam. details are sketchy, so don't ask me.

what i do wanna know is... will it be a new niece or nephew for aunty hana? taking bets here in M&Ms currency. any takers? ;)

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

memo from an ex-bride

dear bride-to-be,

you may think that finding the perfect white shoes for that wedding dress is of ultimate, absolute, paramount, supreme importance. darling, think again. because this once-in-a-lifetime purchase will *really* be used only once-in-a-lifetime, afterwhich it will be tucked away guiltily in the shoe closet together with those mothballs.

did anyone remember if i was even wearing shoes on my wedding? noooo. did anyone take pictures of my feet during the wedding? noooo. did i instantly become extra gorgeous upon slipping into the shoes? er, noooooo.

so, my dear bride-to-be, do take advantage of your wastrel friends who have gone through the crazed-bride phase (and who are of the same shoe size as you).

heel me

*smiles beatifically at bride-to-be*

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Monday, July 05, 2004


gawd. do i have to show my soiled whispers with wings everytime i'm sick? really! *exasperated roll of eyes*

once again, to ward off evil sniggers and insinuations that i'm preggers, i'm compelled to explain that i'm on mc AGAIN due to totally baby-unrelated illnesses.

for two nights, not only have i been coughing and hacking away like an old hag with a fag, my eyes have been watery and emitting yucky yellowish liquid when i sleep. so when i wake up, my eyes are swollen and lovely, thank you very much. now the whites have turned red. oh-so-very sexy, in a vampirish sort of way. my wondrous theory is that the throat and the eyes are interrelated.

so the doc gave me MORE of those antibiotics (curses! curses!), plus a load of other disgusting cocktail of cough syrups, pills, etc.

ungh. and NO pukings nor cravings were involved, ay, so lay off, busybods. ROWRRR. *claws out*

ok. i feel a comatose moment coming up soooonnnn. goourhdnigthhet.btyeye byeey.. czxzzz.

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mini downtime

our server's in the process of a transfer and changing IP address, so the movabletype blog's down for a while. it'll be up SOON. they promised anyway. and less downtimes too, they said. yah right. we'll see.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

tangled web

i. am. so. in. love.

no, not with my zara purchase. (though that black pants *do* make me FEEL skinny. but that's just probably coz i hadn't eaten the whole day.)

i am in love with a man in tights. red, blue and black. he sports a lean, agile body, not too bulky or muscular, no no. he casts sticky webs from his wrists, and whooshes through the air from skyscraper to skyscraper. his eyes are like a swirling river. his juicy puckers make me melt. and oh, that chin! the chin i wanna bite into.

and so i left the cinema all fuzzy and smiley, like a schoolgirl with a secret crush. well, not so secret, really, coz i kept gushing at the husband on how i love spidey/peter/tobey so. i pleaded to dye my hair red so i'd have a better chance of being the love of spidey/peter/tobey's life. then i went sigh sigh sigh throughout the ride home.


back in reality land, i'd been on a thong spree. no, not of the g-string variety. i've too many of those already. (but hey, one can't have too many of that, right? right.)

now tell me, how could i resist the bubblegum pinkness of this?

and while i was in the excruciatingly l o n g queue, i realised that TOPMAN unscrambled is TAMPON. a bored mind can do amazing things.

while i was poking through every rack at a certain retail outlet that starts with Z (Zango? Zopshop?), izad kept himself busy enriching himself at the nearby library. such a studious nature he develops in times of sales.

but he received his reward at the end of the day (after having witnessed his wife first squandering away her dollars and sense, and later declaring her love for another man).

he discovered durians in the kitchen, courtesy of his parents-in-law, who perhaps had an inkling of the torture their daughter had put him through the day. hee.

as i didn't indulge in the king of fruits here, it was back to mooning over my man in tights (which he claims is a little itchy and rides up his crotch).


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Thursday, July 01, 2004

"fitter, healthier and more productive..."

the husband has been bugging me to finish up my antibiotics, so i will be guzzling them down till the last pop. hmph. *thinks where to hide the pills*

i've always been a bad patient and never finished off my antibiotics. my bad.

dr izad insists that if i don't finish up the whole lot, some of the bacteria will remain, and it will attack again soon enough. but by then, they will be immune to the antibiotics and i'll need a stronger dose. all those scientists say so.

ok ok.

but... i'm feeling better! *whine*

what i need NOW is a HUGE dose of zara medication. *checks forehead* yup, pronto.

"... a pig in a cage on antibiotics." ~ radiohead

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