Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away..." <-- (great, now sesame street's getting to me)

i really like all the pictures we took on our second sunshine session, so i'm just gonna, erm, let them do the storytelling....


oh, and let me tell you, i feel very mak mak when i saw this, though. eiyerr.

(yes, he had a change in outfit, thanks to that big SPLASH.)

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Monday, January 29, 2007

"oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me..." <-- (ok, i've been hearing one too many barney songs)

backtracking a little to two sundays ago, which was the first in our series of let's-kickabout-in-the-sun-and-avoid-shopping-malls sessions.

and we survived! well... barely. (it proved to be too much vitamin D for this mummy that she took urgent leave the next day. weak betol.)

despite the sweltering heat (which was really a nice change from all that rain... really...) the kids took it in stride, sweat and all.

Team Bambino

naufal: "you think we can beat the Lions?"
aniq: "huh? i thought we're at the botanic garden, not the zoo?"
nuha: *rolls eyes* "tsk, boys!"

ouh, just a little side note about his latest 'thang'. hand smooching. and i mean, a big, fat, juicy, wet and noisy SMOOCH. it's really too bad hari raya's over. he'd have garnered extra green packets for every adult hand being smooched, i think.

siapa-siapa punya tangan pun bedal jer lah.

anyway, suffice to say, we chickened out on mister sun and went scampering back to the comforts offered by, er, mister carrier man (you know, the air-con guy).

ok, so we compromised and sat al fresco, sipping on our cold lattes and chocolate ice blended.

hey, this won't be the last of it.

we were very good and brought the bub outdoors again yesterday.

but gimme another day to get over the overdose of vitamin D again in the meantime.

(don't worry, i didn't take urgent leave this time round.)

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

sunday morning

i know we'll have a particularly great day when he wakes up in the morning next to me, all smiley and gorgeously perky.

today was that.

a good start to the morning.

the best time of the day is that, as soon as he blinks open his eyes and flashes a grin and out of his mouth, the most melodic sound in the world - "maa~!"

and a while later, off he goes, like a rocket, to his playroom.


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Sunday, January 21, 2007

caught with his pants down

i hadn't seen dadam for a while, so when i did on friday, i patted his bum, and to my surprise, my hand did not meet with the familiar impact of a puffy diaper.

"eh! where's your pampers?"

he grinned and promptly pulled down his pants.

"dadam nak kencing! aunty nana cebokkan!"

and my eyes promptly grew wide like saucers.


thankfully, i managed to escape from THAT. i'll cross the bridge when i reach it with aniq.

i'm glad he's trailblazing the way to aniq's own toilet-training in months to come. if we follow dadam's schedule, it'll be in exactly a year's time. *gulp*

oh, and he puts on his own pants after that too. how can i not be proud of the lil guy?

i hope aniq will quickly learn to say "nak berak/kencing/makan/tidur!" too. senang sikit. (though his squatting down and patting his tummy while doing the do is a pretty good system for now, hehe.)

dadam's also started going to a daily playgroup for a few hours in the morning, and as soon as either his oma or his dad slips away, the waterworks begin! we call it, The Crying Game. i hear that the wailings can be heard all the way from one end of tampines to another. :D

when i ask him in our teleconversations (coz he's always the first to pick up the phone when i call home) how school was, he'd tell me, "dadam nangis!" mengaku pun.

his mum and dad are hoping he'd learn to socialise better with his peers. for a long time, he's been the center of attention, and with the arrival of his younger cousin, he's had to adjust to sharing the limelight with him.

he still shoves and snatches and pulls and shouts at the lil fella, though the latter is pretty hardy and ignores him or at most, pulls away or fights back, hehe.

sometimes, he's all lovey-dovey and kisses him, and retrieves whatever the little one throws on the floor. tapi tu bila mood baik lah, ie. depan mak bapak dia. lol!

"oh, whatever..."

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

aniq! at the disco


drums - checked.
keyboards - checked.
guitar - checked.

microphone - checked!

yup, it's the school of rock indeed here at izadnhana's.

as lead singer (ahem), he's got the rock star posturing, facial expression and voice projection down pat, with a little room thrashing and diva behaviour thrown in for good measure.

sing it to me now!

i think he'll make quite a good lead singer in a rock band, from the way he, erm, interacts with the audience and pleases the crowd. just like bono, you know.

now, all he needs to do is learn his lyrics better...

(re: the last part of the vid - yes, mummy's obsession with uncle bono *is* a lil scary.)

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

and the green grass grows all around

daddy had to run an errand, so i had a bit of fun with mummy for a while, exploring the Great Outdoors. well, it's not exactly great, like a park or anything. but it's out of the malls and under the sun, so it's good, no?

there were lots of interesting things to see, just sitting by the road side.

and even more interesting things to do! like what that man is doing there, pulling grass.

he was kind enough to pull me up and show me how its done.

ouhh.. so THIS is grass. wonder how those cows can like this stuff...

... it tickles!


hey mister, your fly is open!

oops, i better check if mine is too...

hey, a ciggie. thanks, mate.

oops, my daddy's comin', i better hide this...

after all that mucking around, my hands were all black and dirty. of course, i have no concept of the word 'dirty' at all, just that mummy keeps shouting "DIRTY! DIRTY!" everytime i touch or pick something up from the ground. usually, my attempts to gobble them up are foiled by her too, followed by more hysterical screams of "NOOOO DIRTY!"

sheesh. party pooper.

but you know what? the REAL reason why i like to get my hands all black and "dirty" is so that i can... PLAY WITH WATER! can you see the joy in my face? whee!

and now i'm all "clean" again.

for a few seconds anyway. heee.

*splashes puddle on the ground with hands*


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Saturday, January 13, 2007



sleepy in his quinny.

never mind how sleepy he is, it takes one VERY quickly-gobbled down plate of rice before he gets antsy and demands his freedom to roam. that is, after we've stuffed him with biccies or anything from our own plates, to letting him play with straws or ice cubes. oh, to have the luxury of savouring our food...

hmm, where shall i start?

and as they say, what goes in must come out.

it takes one purposeful squat to know that he's doing his business.

talk about *public* toilets.

yes, he DID poo, ok. and BOY DID IT STINK!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

the replacement

he has this theory that non-living things, eg. electrical/electronic goods, have 'feelings' and 'lives' of their own.

you know, like when you're just thinking of replacing that old-but-still-working refridgerator with a brand new one you saw at the stores, it suddenly goes into cardiac arrest and, being irresuscitable, dies a timely death.

or when you're thinking about changing that old-but-not-so-trendy mobile phone you've had for a while now to a top-of-the-line avant-garde one, it decides to merajuk and "run away", by getting itself lost in the taxi/bus/mrt/other public places.

once, just when we were about to buy a new bed for me in the old house, the old bed simply fell apart by itself, as if it knew its lifespan had expired and would no longer be of service to me, its master.

anyway, the mister got himself a new toy recently. hurhur.

and proceeded to play around with it, completely ignoring his once-favourite point-and-shoot toy he'd acquired not so long ago.

hey, even *i* had a bit of fun with it.

my tampines' next top model.

and guess what?

barely a few days later, that trusty point-and-shoot we call lumix, attempted to commit suicide.

i say attempt, because it didn't really succeed in falling to its demise completely.

the mister was retrieving something from the table and lumix fell with a crash to the floor, cracking its LCD screen, akin to a head trauma injury.

no, we didn't call for an ambulance, but we'll send it to the hospital for recovery soon.

erm, reaaaal soon. *strokes lumix*

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Monday, January 08, 2007

hot hot heat

he was uncharacteristically subdued and whiny the whole day on saturday, and when his cheeks flushed red, we took a nice drive out to the docs that evening.

he was weighed in - finally passed the 10kg mark! - and his temperature checked - close to 40 degrees. the nurse gave him a dose of paracetamol and something to sponge him with.

then we waited for his temperature to drop. his eyes glazed and did i mention he was UNUSUALLY subdued?

bagos jugak sakit tau, duduk diam sikit. hehee.

about half an hour later, his temperature went down one degree... and OFF HE WENT! running around the entire floor, climbing on the weighing machine, making passes at a little toddler girl (complete with flying kisses), being cheeky with the nurses, and... generally being back to his normal ol' self.

oh well.

(urm, wreaking havoc at an undisclosed shopping centre later that night. parents took the opportunity since they were already out to stock up on depleted diapers.)

it was a viral infection, most likely caused by his one and only cousin dadam, who has been having a runny nose for the longest time yet INSISTS on kissing the little bub "satu kali ajerr". banyak punya satu kali eh.

that night, we laid out the mattress in the hall, put him in the skimpiest outfit of singlet and shorts, sponged (or rather, towelled) him some more, and the three of us rolled around and had a lil camp-in, in front of the teevee.

i love that we have this whole space to ourselves, our own X square meter of floor area that we call home. i remember when i was young, i wished i could just move out and live in my own house so that i could do ANYTHING i wanted in it... like, eat ice-cream and chips any time of the day, or leave the bed messy without anyone nagging at me, or have a slumber party with a few hot hunks.

well, whaddaya know. this hunk, literally hot. ;p

(tearing his hair out with all my fussing. hee. i'm sure he'll wish to move out and live in his own house sans his parents too some day...)

(... as soon as he gets over his Tek-dependence.)

so anyway, yeah, the whole weekend crept by uneventfully, POOF! just like that, not doing anything except stay within the confines of our X square meter of floor area. which is, hmm, quite a rare thing, actually. and ironic, since we used to believe that we'd stay home more than go out once we had our own place. hah, right.

(BUT heyy, according to dr j/a/z/l/a/n in last week's berita minggu, i didn't slack at all and did a TOTAL of four hours of aerobics and burnt 1200 calories over the weekend! woohoo! [ok, you actually have to hunt for a copy of BM to get what i mean.])

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

food glorious babyfood!

... upsize

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


ok, so after some dilly-dallying and trawling two certain new stores in tampines, half of the room is more or less, er, done.

can you tell how uninspired we are from the way we simply plonked in the things we gathered from those two new stores? hurhur.

now i'm just waiting for the Hausbern to get down to assembling that darned bookshelf so that the other half of the room will be complete.

oy, bila mau game darrr...

that's the thing about Hausberns. you become too dependent on them to do these things. you know, like fixing the lights, plumbing the toilet, etc.

but of course, it takes two weeks of shouting reminders and another two weeks of excuses before they actually do it.

so, it looks like it'll be a number of days more before we'll see the light of day of that bookshelf.

should i just do it myself then? *looks at manicured nails*

(hah, kidding! - i haven't had a manicure in years.)

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Friday, January 05, 2007

last hurrah

the Zombie Mummy is now back to Human mode after three excruciating days of work at the Zombie Office. she's still recovering from the shock of having to go back to work after that nice long holiday.

the night before she transformed into the Zombie, though, she did manage to have a bit of a last hurrah thing with some friends who were also to turn into Zombies the next morning.

the boys too had a last late night out to mark the end of the holidays. sigh. so clueless they are.

did i tell you he didn't want anything to do with the milk bottle for the five straight days he was home with me over the hols? wuaahuahaa. manja eh kau. see your brudder rayhan, so nice and chubby. next to him, your biceps also fail lah bo-boy.

but when i'm back at work and the old routine of staying at his oma's in the day resumed, he finished up all his milk, in the bottle no less.

hmph. (another reason why i shouldn't be a sahm - my boobs will sag like a nenek with ten children in no time.)

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Monday, January 01, 2007

silence of the lambs

we didn't get to see any goats, lambs, sheep or other livestock from old macdonald's farm being slaughtered this year, but we had a pretty good time. (unlike the goats, lambs and sheep, that is.)

mari baca doa untuk tahun baru. world peace! amin.

pak aji relek kejap

ok, time to pray. dun play play.

uh oh, another cheeky pak aji in the family.

adam & aniq. today peace, tak bedal bedal each other. *hugs*

wow. is it 2007 already??

like last year, we didn't get to see the fireworks either.

it was spent putting the little one to sleep! at midnite, no less. his routine has gone a bit off since he's at home with me the past few days.

my bad. and all the more i shouldn't be a SAHM. (plus, it's really no joke tidying up after a tornado ok!)

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